Presence sensor and light level?

I’m looking at getting one of these for my toilet room as my sister’s kids keep leaving the light turned on after they’re done for some unknown reason and also during the day when there’s zero need for it despite having been told a million times about it. Before I take the plunge, is there a way of making it so it will only activate a light bulb when it gets dark? I know you can automate stuff to turn on/off after sunset but I’m wondering if I can add another layer and achieve this.

You could add a Luminance (light / lux) sensor. Good ones are likely expensive (others have mixed reviews)…

Here’s one example.

You could, using webCore and probably some lighting apps, condition whether or not the motion sensor turns the light on based on some offset to sunset/sunrise, although that doesn’t get you around dark days.

If having the light used during the day doesn’t trouble you that much, just set a timer to turn the light off after x time or after no motion for x time.

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Yeah it was (I didn’t really explain myself very well in hindsight) gearing it towards going active around sunset that I’m looking at doing, though I didn’t take into account dark days so that’s something to think about. The timer is a good idea, too.

The GE switches have an illuminance sensor but it isn’t exposed to ST:

If you don’t care about tying it into your ST network, you can spend less and configure a dumb motion switch for vacancy.

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Doooooh $60! Nuts

For the zwave combo PIR switch

Motion and light for $28.

Yup… But dig up reviews.

I’ve read that the light level sensing or reporting is essentially useless due to lack of granularity. It might suffice for the OP’s requirements though.

I have 6 of them and they work good.

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