Dad presence

When my dad comes to visit and is sitting in the family room with the light on and I go to the store it turns the light off. How can I have the light stay on when I leave but when he’s gone home have the light turn on/off with my iPhone presence. The family room switch is a smartthings device switch.

Here’s a guide on different ways of detecting presence (some of which are virtual)
You may want to look at the bottom post which has information about a virtual device that is a presence sensor and a switch (so it can be turned on and off).

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I created a “mode” called “no automation”. I then setup all my smartapps and routines to only do their thing if the mode is any mode except “no automation”. I then created two routines that i can run manually that put me into the no automation mode or my home mode. This is how i disable or enable all of my automation.

Clever. :+1: