Presence - First Back Automation

Has anyone figured out presence with FIRST IN ONLY automation? Right now my statement says IF “1” Returns OR “2” returns OR “3” returns THEN “Back”. Using both L360 and ST NewApp presence sensors atm but both operate the same for this issue (repeats with everyone coming home).

It makes sense that “back” is running every time someone comes back, but I only want it to operate when the FIRST person is back.


One option to look at… create a simulated presence sensor.

Have the same automation except have it change the simulated presence sensor to home. So first person home changes simulated to present.

Then create an automation based on the simulated presence sensor status to perform the tasks when you arrive home.

Same for away except last person leaving (or all have left) changes it to away.

Just a thought.

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Yup, but experiment to make sure. I have an automation for this that uses Location mode with the advanced options for Precondition enabled. For some people, I’ve read posts where precondition isn’t being honored, but it’s working for us. I also have individual automations for each mobile presence (phone) that uses preconditions for Location mode, and those work too.


You just need a mode precondition for it to only run in away / vacation.

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This is what I needed. Perfect. Once it’s in “Home” mode I don’t need it to run.

Thanks, I believe this will work. Marking as solution!