Prescience Sensor for Dog?


I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as the smart things arrival sensor is no longer available.

I’m looking to run a automation for when my dog is out the house such as run the robo vac.


Most devices of this type, including the arrival sensor, probably won’t be precise enough for what you need. They typically would have a range of within 40 feet of your network. So they could let you know if the dog was away from the property all together, but they will not be able to distinguish between being in the yard and in the house on most properties.

Is there a dog door that the dog goes through to go out? You might be able to do something with that. Or a pressure mat that the dog steps on to go in or out.


Actually 40ft would fit my use case as I’m in an apartment block.

I would like to accurately capture when the dog is out of the apartment as he doesn’t like the robot vac and I keep forgetting to turn it on before we go for walks.

OK, The easiest Integration would be the smartthings brand tracker, but after the first year it has a five dollar/month fee, and I don’t know if you’re interested in paying that.

Another alternative would be an IBeacon. But those work better with iOS than with android for use cases Like this. Do you have an iPad that stays at home?

(BTW, if you aren’t looking for an actual GPS tracker, I would consider putting this type of tag on the leash rather than on the dog’s collar. That way you don’t have to worry about the dog chewing on it when he/she is unsupervised.)

We have a ‘dog bag’ which only leaves the house if the dog does. If you have a cheap usused android phone you don’t mind plugging into charge, that would do the job.

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Thank you,

I thought they made that and could not fine it!

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