Dog Walk Mode?

I use the Ridiculously Smart Garage Door App to automatically open/close my garage doors when I leave/arrive at home. The problem becomes when I walk my dog as I go in and out of my Geofence area so ST thinks I am leaving and coming which then opens and closes my garage doors which is not very secure if I am walking 2 blocks away. I am looking for a way to have a new mode called “Dog Walk” where I can exclude the Ridiculously Smart Garage Door app from executing. I basically walk my dog every day anytime from 6:30-7:15am. I have a myQ Garage Door opener, a door sensor on my interior door and I am getting a zWave lock tomorrow. Any way to automate dog walk mode and coming back to regular home mode that anyone can think of?

put a presence sensor in your car. If you leave but your car doesnt between those hours, your in dog walk mode.

I failed to mention I tried using a presence sensor for the garage door app but the delay was too large as it only phones home every 2 minutes to preserve battery life. I would potentially have to sit in my driveway for up to that long for the door to open. Also, sometimes, I will be in my wife’s car (or even a friends car) and that logic would trigger dog walk mode also but wouldn’t be accurate. If I put the presence sensor on my dog’s leash, that won’t work either since my in laws sometimes stop by and take the dog on a walk and that will mess up my Nest Away modes. Hmmm…

I pretty much gave up on presence sensors other than for non-time sensitive triggers - they are too slow. I think we’ll have to wait for iBeacon support to reliably automate garage doors and such.

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For the iOS Mobile Presence Sensors, things have drastically improved over the past few months. It seems to be about 85 percent reliable. The physical presence sensors are not useful for a lot of time based automated stuff like doors and locks.