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nice find - I can’t seem to find any ebay willing to take 20

yep had few rejections. counteroffers etc. 3 accepted. keep trying. what I do is start at 15, they counter and i counter back and put a message in that i got them for 20 before

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I hit the Glen Allen (Short Pump), Ashland, (Northside), and Broad St (In Town) I need to be in NOVA tomorrow and look for some up there. I’ll grab extra’s if I find some.

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are there smartthings controllable hottubs or just sensors to monitor them?

Maybe, maybe not.

First, this is a preorder for a device which has yet to come to market. So there’s no telling what features it will actually have once it’s released for shipment.

Second, this is a Wi-Fi device (“the cloud”) which Historically have had very poor battery life. There have been some improvements: the Arlo Wi-Fi camera seems to do pretty well for some people: the reports of its battery life vary from two weeks to six months or so. The point is there’s no way to tell what battery life for the sutro will be, particularly when we’re still in the pre-release stage.

Third, as far as connecting with SmartThings, they would have to have an open API for their cloud. Nothing on the website says they’ve done that. And again, pre-release, so who knows. If they had an IFTTT channel that would at least give some indirect integration, but no sign of that yet either.

So this is definitely a deal, but it’s a deal for a device which has not yet been released to market and with no indication that it might work with SmartThings.

You can start a new topic under devices and integrations to ask people for their opinions about various pool monitoring equipment. It would be off topic for this thread, which is just for deals. :sunglasses:

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Intermatic make a Z-wave spa controller/monitor http://www.amazon.com/Z-Wave-Pool-Spa-Controller-Remote/dp/B007C8TRYI

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Those of you going from store to store for specific items need to check out stockbyme.com.


Lots of the stuff that people are looking for on clearance are listed as “not sold in stores”. I don’t think those will show up on that site.


Yeah, I can echo that. The places I called in CA before I realized they wouldn’t ship to a HD in Michigan told me that the PlantLink base stations are only sold online (not in store). After I told them I saw pictures of them on clearance, they went and looked. Each of the two stores I called said that they actually did have three left on clearance end caps. They said it must have been a special order that was returned.

So what you’re saying is everyone should order them online at full price, return them to the store, wait until they go on clearance, then snag them for the $17?


lol…no, not at all. Just telling you what they told me in terms of why it says “not sold in stores,” yet they have them sitting on clearance end caps.

I picked up a couple on eBay yesterday. If you don’t live in CA, then that may be your best option unless you want to buy them off of Amazon, which was selling them for around $38 for the base station and one sensor (last I checked).

Didn’t know that. That’s too bad.

Plantlink battery hack kinda. A standard 9V contains 6 of the odd ball AAAA cells used in this device.

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So, you’re saying, to get AAAA batteries, get a 9v battery and tear it apart?

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I’ve been to 5 different Home Depots in Nova area and nothing.

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Yep just pop them apart. The el cheapo’s are made from stacked cells so don’t use those.

Thanks for the heads up Lee

I will meet you in Richmond with cash if you find any extra Plant Links! Up to 5.

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Anyone who would like a cheap UPS for the modem and router so you can survive short power outages with your cloud dependent devices rather than just the local only devices and smartapps:

Currently out of stock online but available in-stores.

This has 3 of the 2-prong outlets, so perfect for modems and routers.