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Yep Same at my local HD, it’s been posted a few times but not for a while. Looks like HD is trying to clear these out.

I think the integration with ST has been spotty so if you want something that works better it might be wise to spend a few dollars more and get something that directly connects as I think TCP is only cloud to cloud (correct me if i’m wrong)


Yea you need their gateway. I personally really like my Cree lights but I also have an Osram recessed fixture however that requires the Osram gateway in order to do a firmware update. So if you don’t care for color get a Cree they work really well.


Polite way of saying that ST keeps losing connection and you need to open up TCP connect app and login again every couple days.That doesn’t change the fact that the bulb would always lose sync with the TCP hub.

Had about 12 of these, they were my first entry into HA a couple years ago. With new Hue whites only being $14 they almost have all been replaced/upgraded


Anyone looking for a touchscreen controller, this looks good, with 4 star average:

ASUS Nexus 7 (7-Inch, 32 GB, Wi-Fi + 3G/4G) Tablet (2012) (Certified Refurbished) $89.99
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

What about the Amazon Fire tablet that is $49 and sometimes could be found on sale for even lower? I think I got it for $34.99 thinking I don’t need it but hoping I would find some use for it as a remote control for guests.


There’s a whole thread about using the $39/$49 kindles

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So I finally got my refurb Harmony hub hooked up and connected to ST. In the setup I was asked if I wanted to import my activities and create virtual switches for them. I did not do that because I wasn’t sure if it was going to mess up my current settings on the Touch remote.

If I do go back and import those activities and turn them into virtual switches, can I rename them to a more “voice” friendly name so I can recall them via Autovoice or similar without affecting my other activities in the Touch remote?

Note: If you have feedback, please feel free to PM me so we don’t add clutter to this thread. Thanks!

Yes you can rename the virtual switches, TV doesn’t work so well for Alexa for example, so I named it Watch Television I think. Works much better that way. Rename in the app or the IDE, whichever is easiest for you.

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yeah with the Fire TV I had to rename mine “turn on Fire”, “turn On Hulu”, etc jsut launched them in the Fire. I renamed them “turn on ST Hulu” etc

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Was I naive to think the one I posted would be in every way a better tablet? One that doesn’t have to be rooted?

You don’t have to root the Kindle Fire for it to be a touchscreen controller. It has multiple browser options and that’s all SmartTiles needs.

You can get the 16 GB for 30$ less

True, but installing Google Play Services helps with a lot of functionality ( if not using it solely for smarttiles ). You can install google play services WITHOUT ROOTING. Instructions are in the thread I referenced above.

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What he said. Super easy to install Google Play Services on the Fire. That said, rooting the Nexus is also super easy and I think a must…but I like tinkering with different Roms. Wugs Toolkit is the easiest way to root any Nexus. Pretty much does everything for you. Its almost impossible to brick a Nexus.

And the Fire’s OS is based on Android 5.0, which means it can also run LANnouncer.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I want to use LANnouncer but all my Android devices are 4.4. I do have a new Kindle set aside for a control panel.

Iris garage door controller on special. Not sure if it is a national promotion.

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It’s that price in MA.

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$5 off Osram Lightify BR 30

10% off the white and the tunable white too.

I saw the debate, back and forth, on tablets for use as a control panel. Walmart has the 7" RCA with Keyboard, on sale $49.99 -

I recently purchased the 10" with keyboard for $79.99 (Unfortunately it’s $99 right now) . It’s a nice tablet.

Walmart has all the RCAs on sale -