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Out of Stock, EVERYWHERE! lol

Are these the sensors i can open up and attach a fabric covered wire and turn into a large area water leak detector. Thanks

@jgirvine Yes. They are. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had 2 of these and the version with USB charger ports since Xmas. Seem to be a decent unit. The 70 has a bright led that escapes through the vents and is quite bright. Opened mine and installed a baffle. They pop up on Amazon for $20 from time to time.

I would love to see a how to on this. In another thread.

See this Picture/thread

I just discovered a mouse in my house. I’m gonna to attach one to your basic mouse trap to let me know when it’s been tripped.


Not quite sure if that is more ingenious or just HA gone crazy.

" Hey what was that alert on your phone ? Oh nothing, just a notification that my trap had caught the mouse in my house. "


I have a squirrel problem in my attic. Last spring I taped an Open/Close sensor to a HavAheart trap so that I wouldn’t have to climb up to the attic to check the trap.


Not quite sure if that is more ingenious or just HA gone crazy.

Eh…I don’t think it’s any more over-the-top than a Z-Wave egg tray for your fridge. :wink:

Quirky Egg Minder


I have 2 they’re not zwave. Probably wifi?

Quirky and GE comes the Wink Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray that adds a new level of intelligence to your everyday lives and the kitchen. The Egg Minder features a built-in Wi-Fi chip to allow it to sync up to your smart device via the Wink app.

I’m surprised nobody came up with a milk sensor based on a leak detector that help senses if your milk carton is empty yet…

Maybe. I just assumed Z-Wave (or Zigbee). Either way…

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Big difference is that the mouse trap notification will do something the eggminder never could. Actually work :wink:


Just fulfilling a long line of history. Building a better mouse trap


I bought 2 for $8.50/ea it was always my intention to tear this apart to see if I could repurpose them… But then I got ST and I don’t think it connects, and even if it does… Bigger fish to fry.

Actually I’ve thought think that a small zwave or zigbee scale that reported accurate weight would be nice for things like this.

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Already there man