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They list it here for $79.00, but I thought a few weeks ago I thought it was less. Strange how the prices go up and down. Also says not sold in stores now. I guess they are taking them off the shelves.
Is this it

That’s the one. Tried to find the 17.50 deal at HD but no Plantlinks within 120 miles of here. I cleaned out 3 lowes of the blister pack GE stuff at $5 a piece. Bought 36 pieces. One lowes still has a few blister packs and they are trying to squeeze every penny out of the last few. I went to college with the Manager and she won’t even give the old friend discount. Maybe I should have asked her out back then. Or maybe I did and that’s the problem.

You got a great deal, I am thinking about getting rid of my WeMo stuff, lucky me they are just on off paddle switches, but all the lowes are out of the low priced ones and not raised the price from 34.00 to 37.00. I think the new IRIS stuff will be zigbe.

You don’t have any duplex outlets you want to get rid of do you?

What products were $5 at your Lowe’s? I’d like to check out my local Lowe’s, but I don’t know what to look for (maybe I missed it earlier in the thread).

@Mike_Maxwell posted this in another thread. Keen Smart vents are on sale. $79 marked down to $59.

He also created a Smartapp to manage them.

Sorry no. But I have been checking every Lowes I can when traveling around. I’ve seen your request and have been on the lookout for you.

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http://go.referralcandy.com/share/JKCFH3Z Found this referral code on this forum. Used code SAVE40

I tried it it works for 3 or more vents. Didn’t work on the starter kits. No shipping charge

Correction: There was a $9.99 shipping charge


That’s a GREAT price. 3 for $137.

I wish I had a smart thermostat. I’d be all over that!

This was back in DEC/JAN. I met a friendly manager that wanted her stock gone. I used the receipt for price matching at the other stores.

you dont need one for just the vents you could tie it into a temp sensor

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I picked up these yesterday at home depot, they were new and sealed. But I haven’t seen this at the other 3 home depots in the area. This particular store took down their home automation end cap, and is pushing the GE bluetooth stuff now in the middle of the lighting isle.


Man I am so upset my lowes and HD never has these amazing prices and they will not price match.


We know: Android prices are much cheaper. But since some of us have specific reasons for using iOS devices, a deal is always appreciated.

As part of their Presidents’ Day sale, Best Buy has a number of Apple devices on sale, most for about $100 off, including the Apple Watch, several ipad models, and The new Apple TV for $25 off. The iPad mini 3 is a particularly good deal, it’s about half off, probably in anticipation of new models.

Sorry this URL is so long, it was the only way I could find to get all the Apple iPad deals together. Or just go to Best Buy and start shopping. :sunglasses:


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The only Apple I have ever owned was an old Imac ( fish bowl) . That said I keep looking at these Iphone 4s and 5s Ipad2s-3s on sale in the $100-$200 range . Just to use around the house since the so many of the HA apps are written for IOS and then adapted to android.

First Alert ZW combination Smoke and CO2 detectors $35ea with free shipping at Staples. Not a GREAT deal, but still about 10% off average price of $40.



I went to my local Home depot and found the Plantlink kits for $17.09. On the website, they’re not showing as in stock, but they’re sitting in the clearance bins. I see at least 20 of them. I might just grab a bunch and toss the hubs or sell them online lol…

I’ll take a few! I have a hub. just need sensor you can sell the hubs.

Currently on ebay from BestBuy and also direct from BestBuy you can snag the original Hue Lightstrip Starter Kit for $119.99

This includes the hub and 2 of the lightstrips. Most everywhere this is still selling for over $160. If you want some dim accent lights, this will do that.

NOTE: These are the original lightstrips, not the newer, brighter lightstrip plus. This includes a v1 Hue hub, not the Apple Homekit Compatible v2

I’ll buy some from you, but will need at least one hub. Finally, something to do with SmartThings that my wife will actually be excited about. :joy:

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