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He might have been lucky enough to grab some of the Amazon warehouse " damaged box" ones. I missed the " damaged/used" 9 Garden Spot sets for $45 a couple months ago, they sold out while I was busy looking for other stuff to waste money on.

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They may drop to $16 like they did a few months back. Check Camelcamelcamel.

Any idea how long of an extension you can add between strip sections?

I don’t think unless your going crazy it matters. I have a 5 meter extension and a 2 meter to cover my under cabinet lights and they work fine. I believe you can add up to 2 strips per controller Have a spare controller so will pick up these on sale to put it to use somewhere. Oh this hobby makes me spend money. LOL


Oh and amazon has a 7 day price guarantee. Just used it on a snow blower and got $60 back in less then a 5 minute call. :smile:


So, these work natively with Smartthings…no community app, correct?

You still need the controller, the add on strips don’t connect to anything other than other lights strips/extensions. Yes there is official support and app, just look in app under lights, Osram.

There’s a whole thread ( probably many actually ) on the Osram lights


So you still need to buy the LED Strip for $70.49 first, as that contains the Zigbee controller, correct? That’s really expensive for just a 2M strip.

I notice the LED strips are 4 wire – are they 5050 or 3528 SMDs, or something else? I have several 5M strips with 5050s that I’ve gotten for as little as $15 at Amazon - and they are all 4 wire. I had considered one of these for controlling those remotely; I see a recent reviewer says he’s written Vera Edge support.

I’m with you on them being overpriced ( like all Hue/ Osram lights) . I went with the Taotonics from SunValleyTek on Amazon. $20 for 5M with power supply and controller. You can control with Harmony remote ( for color or sequence changes ) , and any smart plug to automate the on/off.

I was tempted to get the Osram controller and hope they used the standard 4 or 5 pin connector for the light strips.

I’m in the process of deciding on the vision in box switch…

…or the enerwave product.

Since the enerwave product is slightly larger and will take up more space in the electrical box, I’d prefer to go with the Vision switch but am first wondering if you had success integrating with ST? If you’re already updated with feedback, just point me to the link. Thanks in advance!!

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Not harping here, but just an observation…

This seems like the type of post that should probably either be in a PM or in a different thread.

I’ve done it in the past as well. So, not pointing fingers.
It’s just that, with so many people posting so many different things in this thread that are outside of the scope of the thread, and with the mods coming in so often to clean it up and remind us to only post deals in here, I figured I’d risk it and say something about it.


Monoprice ZWave Motion and Temp are back in stock at 21.99 with free shipping.


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Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but the GE link A19 bulbs now come in daylight and soft white.

It’s probably been this way for a while, I just noticed!


Haiku fans (from Big Ass Fans) 20% off at haikuhome.com for Valentines Day. No direct ST integration yet, but the company says it is about to open up its API and is working on an IFTTT channel and integrates out of the box with Nest thermostats.
The company had only one really expensive ($1k) fan but at CES introduced some more affordable options that still use motion sensors, temp/humidity sensors. Also a wall control that has sensors built in.


Not sure if any one is against refurbished but harmony home for 89.99 is not to bad. http://m.edealinfo.com/deals/dealinfo.php?dealdate=2016-02-06&seqno=035

The Daylight are really bright. I had 2 and took them back. Also, beware that they don’t pair with the same device type. They just get found as “Things” and you have to go pick the GE Link device type.

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Stopped by Lowes today to get the big Iris pack for 40% off. (thanks to whoever posted that)
(edited, they don’t work)

The door/window/cabinet sensor is a Gen 1 Iris device and isn’t compatible with SmartThings.

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I do believe the IRIS door/window/cabinet sensors will NOT work with ST. The GE branded devices should however work just fine.


The outlets say Bluetooth, as far as I know they don’t work with st either

The GE switch is z-wave so it’ll work with ST. But notice that it’s an add-on switch. Pretty sure you need a master switch like this one: