(Pre-Subcategory creation) Deals/Sales/Coupons/Pricing

…or a hammer… LOL

The “Deals” categories are dead. We need to centralize the New Deals to one thread or a few main threads.

  1. General HA Deals
  2. Gadget Deals
  3. Etc.,

Let them be dead, I am going broke here :slight_smile: By the way anyone knows of good deals on LIFX or HUE bulbs? I have started replacing my GE links so I need a few…


Let me know if you need an address to send them to.


Same here looking for more Hue build deals, but the links with the hue hub are working flawlessly. Knowing the links can run local in V2 makes me itch to put them right back on ST…and then reset them every three weeks. :slight_smile:

I was very happy with them for months, until yesterday.

Are you not seeing this after yesterday’s update?

@DParker are you sure you want this headache?

Oh, the unreachable has been in my Hue hub forever for some of the bulbs. But the functionality isn’t impacted as ST turning them on and off has been 100%. I never look at the Hue app so I am not bothered by it. And today mine are still all good.

But that said, yes to hue bulb deals! but its not local, so sad trombone.

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Right, but wait til you start noticing what yesterday’s update did to unreachable. Or are you on v1?

All that’s left of the deals thread is Ady’s hammer :smiley:

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No, v2. Its still operating swimmingly for me yet.

"And now the ST lightning strikes and no bulbs will work! " Weird you are seeing this…I need to go spelunking around my system too on this.

If you have any automation in ST set to dim down the unreachable, you’ll notice right away, because nothing happens.

Nope. I don’t have a Hue bridge (anymore), and control my bulbs directly with the ST hub. Everything’s still working fine here.

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Same here. I have a Hue bridge but the only thing it controls are actual Hue bulbs. My GE Link bulbs are controlled directly by the ST hub and they’re still working flawlessly, as they always have I might add. I have about 20 throughout the house.

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What device handler do you use where they aren’t leaving…is it the V1 stock handler or the V2 handler?

I note that when my kids actually disable a lamp by unplugging to plug in their iPad or something silly, that this is when the GE Links kinda fell off the v1 hub the most. Not had that since I have the GE links on the Hue Hub attached to my v2 hub. Kinda curious.

I never had the V1 hub and I’m using whatever the default DTH the V2 hub selects when you pair them. I’ve had plenty of times when either myself, my wife or someone else accidentally turns off the lamp itself or hits the switch that controls power to the outlet the lamp is plugged into. Whenever power is restored they connect right back up to the ST hub with no issues. Maybe I’m just lucky?

Maybe I will try a few again. That way with internet out my lamps still do their things.

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I have 3 in my living room lamps on a V1 hub and they work flawlessly. I used then because I could control the speed at which they increase and decrease brightness. It also didn’t hurt that they dropped to.$7.50 on closeout. My requirement when setting up devices was that I could manually operate then in the case of internet failure.

I have a couple cree in my bedroom that also work fine too.


Kuna / Maximus lights are on sale at Home Depot for $134 with promo code LIGHTOUT25.

They’re promising a new model that will be HomeKit compatible but they haven’t given a timeline for it. It’s possible we’re seeing sales on the older models to get ready for that.

That’s a good deal actually. I enjoy mine for what they are. If the integration of homekit really makes them that much better I’ll consider swapping out my front door. I have them on my front and back doors.

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