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I was back in the Waltham, MA Home Depot (Store #2674, ZIP 02451) and they have some of the older Cree 40W and 60W dimmable LEDs in the clearance section of the lighting department for $0.97.

The WD500Z1 listed at that link is the master switch, not the add-on.

The WD500T1 model is the auxiliary.


The price given isn’t the best price ever, but it’s definitely good. :sunglasses:


I am curious what people’s impression of this switch is. I only have a single Cooper RF9540 switch installed because it seems to be well regarded and one Amazon reviewer did an in depth comparison of four switches but liked the Cooper the best. Everything he said about the Cooper was true in my experience so I trust his judgement on the other switches. It seems like the only complaint is he could only dim to 70% level. Others complained that the switch is so big it is difficult to install next to another switch. It is tempting as this is half the price of the Cooper switches. I want two more switches to complete my downstairs control. Tough decision.

After installing a pair of GE Link Z-Wave dimmers (that use wiring terminals and have performed flawlessly) in my family room I decided to try cutting costs with a pair of WD500Z-1s for the front porch and entryway lights. In addition to being more difficult to fit into the box…mostly due to the use of pigtails and wire nuts rather than terminals…one of the switches never functioned, while the other (wired identically) worked fine for a couple of hours until it began to cause all 4 bulbs it was controlling to begin flickering at 100%. I pulled up the ST app and found that turning the light off and back on caused the dimmer to come back on at erratic settings ranging from ~30%-60%. I pulled the switch out and checked the wiring to make sure I didn’t have a connection that had come loose. I didn’t. Putting it back together and trying again gave the same results. It worked fine for a couple of hours and then resumed the flickering. I tried swapping out the LED bulbs for incandescents, but that made no difference. After 3 days of this the lights stopped coming on at all, even though the switch responds by turning off the indicator LED.

I believe I’ll be picking up some GE Link dimmers now.


Thanks! I will stick with Cooper myself since they seem to be working well for me although I have nothing to compare it to.

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Found these at my local HD - looks like TCP Connect bulbs are a pain in the ass and require a TCP branded gateway. But $10 makes them temping.

Also saw GE Link Bright White A19 bulbs for $13 and flood light and recess lights by GE Link for $14-16.

Been using a cpl for about 4 months with no issues. 5001 not the Aux.

which HD is that?

Memphis in Midtown.

Did you ever give this a try? Is there a device handler for ST?

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I did not (yet).

Arlo 3 pack at Sam’s for $359. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/arlo-hd-security-cam-3-pk-wifi-ip-cameras/prod18560428.ip

Maybe the deal discussion thread is better to ask your off topic question.

Waaaaaay off topic for this thread.

I’ve started a new topic for you under Projects. I’m sure people will be glad to help you there. :sunglasses:


Amazon has all touch screen Schlage locks, including the Zwave locks which are compatible with SmartThings, on sale until early May. The lock must be sold by Amazon itself, not a third party. A lot of the matching handlesets are also on sale.

Here’s one example.

This is a good quality lock. There are a few feature differences from Yale, see the following discussion topic:

This isn’t the lowest price ever, but it’s still a good deal.


Went to check Lowes for price comparison and my store was still selected as Chelsea from buying the Iris stuff earlier this week and this is listed at $69.95!


Only in the aged bronze though…looks like it is $199 from the search page but when you open the detail…bam! $69.95!!

Happy Shopping!


Rachio 1st Gen sprinkler controller’s amazon deal of the day. $130 for 8 zone $150 for 16 zone

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Had issue with ordering. :frowning: I can add it to cart but when I try to checkout it says cart empty. I did manage to place order by checking out as a guest.

Weird - I had no problems and I was logged into to my account. I set my store in MyLowes to the chelsea store though…not sure if that made or makes a difference?