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That’s exactly where the 2 I bought last month went for. Strategically placed them to make sure daughter’s lock would stop losing sync

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For nearly the same price, you can get an Iris smart plug 3210-L, which has both a Z-wave and Zigbee repeater.

Same details above:
Buy 2 at Lowes Chelsea (ZIP 10011) and it is 20% off ($27.98) $55.96 total.
Use a 10% off coupon from Renovopower to bring it down to $50.36+tax, which still qualifies for free shipping.
Use Ebates for 6% cash back (of $55.96) for $3.36 back.
That brings it to $47 ($23.50 each) plus tax on $50.36.

Update: ebates is back down to 1.5% cach back, which is only $.84

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3RD Gen Nest $199 from Woot

Doesn’t integrate with SmartThings but a lot of people like it. This is the Home Depot store branded Kuna light:
$149.95 (reg. $199.95) using coupon code"OUTDOORLIGHT25" at checkout. Free Shipping.


Compare at Amazon.com:


Ecobee 3 Sensors 2-Pack Amazon $65 with free Prime Shipping

Cheap Android phone with Lollipop 5.1.1. Walmart $19.88


Looking for a cheap device to use with LANnouncer?

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Not sure if they were available on prime earlier, but shipping is $4.87 for a single bulb. I ordered 5 and total shipping was around $6 and I was not charged tax.

No, they were not on Prime. The other thing I noticed is that this seller (Franko) may have a 100% rating, but it’s from just 1 review ever.

Lowe’s $100 gift card for $90 here on ebay: Ebay

I guess this can be used on top of the 10% discount

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Hi guys, been browsing here for a while. We are renovating our new house and want it to be a SmartHome, especially in the energy saving department.

We just ordered this and thought I would share http://www.hellosteam.com/pre-order
For $99 it looks like brilliant value, provided it says what it does! In the confirmation email sent they have just started a $20 refer a friend promotion. Email them the referral names, when they purchase you get a voucher code for that amount off your own purchase.

We have Nest purchased, any suggestions on good energy saving devices/deals are appreciated, thanks!

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Has anyone used this? I have under cabinet LEDs running of a smart receptacle thought this would be a better controlles the the $2 IR the LEDS came with.

Everything looks like a brilliant value in the preorder stage. :wink: There’s no way to tell what you’ll actually get. (Personally, I don’t look at any device for evaluation until you can buy it from Amazon with two day delivery, but that’s just me.)

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Well, it definitely says what it does (or what they claim it does, at least). The real question is: Will it do what they say? I have my doubts about the potential for meaningful savings with any modern hot water heaters.

Also, the non-pre-order price tag of $199 seems a bit steep for what appears to be something that could be put together from commodity parts bought for dirt cheap off eBay. Yeah, I know…all the other development costs involved…but it still seems high compared with other similar technology products.

And…a new WiFi based gadget that won’t be shipping until Q3-Q4 2016, and it’s limited to operating in the already crowded 2.4 GHz band, with no support for 5 GHz?

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STEAM will probably also violate The existing water heater warranty, and may invalidate your homeowners insurance, unless they’re going to get a lot of safety certifications that they haven’t mentioned on their website. There’s also no indication that steam will ever be compatible with SmartThings. They have no API as yet.

I know it’s nice to think about a potential retrofit solution, and that’s often the major selling point for some of these preorder devices, but if you are interested in wi-Fi control of the water heater I would look instead at some of the existing offerings which do have full safety certifications and are out there now in the marketplace. The Wi-Fi modules themselves are generally right around $49, a quarter of the price of steam. The downside, of course, is that they typically only work with specific models, but that’s usually the safest way anyway. To be honest Wi-Fi control of the water heater sounds pretty scary to me if it’s not an integrated solution with the original manufacturer.

Rheem offers WiFi modules for their Econet line, btw.

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Well I’m not the techie in the house :slight_smile: but my husband seems to think it will offer genuine savings. We turn our water on and just leave it on. To be able to schedule and control our water heating on the phone without buying a new tank is reason enough for us to buy. Leak detection pretty neat too. As regards 2.4GHz, I have no clue what that means but I better check which band we are on, thanks

Is there such a thing as zwave outdoor flood bulb, it doesn’t have to be flood, just suitable for outdoor.

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Yes we saw that but we don’t want to buy a new Rheem water heater, not the cheapest and the one in the house works fine. They assured us when we inquired that it is undergoing full safety certification and be fully certified before delivery.

The only zwave bulb I know rated indoor/outdoor know is the new Aeon one. It looks like A19, but it’s actually A21, quite a bit bigger. Not a flood light, though.

If you want a real flood light shape, I think you have to use the specific GE link Zigbee models which are rated outdoor/indoor.

Bluetooth water thermometer for pool/bathtub/hot tub on Lighting sale today