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I have one last order of 6 outstanding and just received a notice that 1 of them has shipped; the rest are still “processing”.

They do report temperature. They’re made by Centralite, as are the SmartThings brand and I believe the iris.

If you can get the current deal from Iris, that will be cheaper, but the Peq is a nice sensor if it happens to be available at your local store.

My mistake for just going by the information on BestBuy’s website and not checking the Peq website. I should have known better!

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at least they don’t confuse Zigbee for WiFi :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see that the 3320-L contact sensors are available for parcel shipping again at $11.18 (on regular website, too). But it’s only letting me put 1 in my cart. I think they are still backordered on these. :wink:

To update the Minimote…

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Actually, Peq doesn’t list it as reporting temperature either! https://www.mypeq.com/catalog/product/view/id/21/ :disappointed::scream::confused:

Just got the Iris Garage Door sensor ($40) and another Door Monitor from the Chelsea store. My wife’s going to kill me.

As @michaelahess noted, it’s just a download from Aeon and an Windows .exe to install it. I don’t really know if the functionality is any different than the V2 device, but presumably it’s either that or bug fixes/stability improvements that motivated the new firmware.

Since the V1 unit is considerably cheaper than the V2 unit, the main point is that you get the same functionality for less cost (and perhaps a slightly less aesthetically-pleasing piece of kit, but that’s in the eye of the beholder)


Regarding the Lowes prices. Yesterday the parcel shipping was greyed out. Today, I could get to check out before they removed the 1 contact sensor from my basket. The other items (smart button, key fob, and motion sensors) are $6-$9 cheaper in NYC than FL and could be shipped.

The Chelsea store is also listing the garage door unit at $40 with parcel shipping. Just snagged one of those and another contact sensor :smiley:

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[quote=“nathanendress, post:1462, topic:34950”]
Just got the Iris Garage Door sensor ($40) and another Door Monitor from the Chelsea store
[/quote]Why did you say that? Now I went and bought 2. My wife is going to be…

(I must be slow… I hadn’t seen the Garage Door controller on sale for $40 with parcel shipping before. I wish I could get them for $19.80 each, but that doesn’t seem to be happening)

HA!! Yeah, I was hoping for the $20 too, but no parcel shipping from the NC store I saw. :frowning:
Oh well…
I’m going to use the line my wife gives me all the time “but babe it was on SALE”. Good luck with your wife. I think we will both need it. :wink:

What zip code for the door opener?

it’s the Chelsea store 10001

how many of ya’ll actually have motorized garage doors :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t and I am still on the fence for one lol


Good place as any to re-link this

Make sure you do the math on which one makes the most sense for your purchase…

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it looks like the Sengled light bulb orders are getting ready to ship, just got a MyUPS notice from Lexiled for delivery on 3/23

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Ditto! Now where am i going to put it…

Does anybody know if the Lowes (New) Iris Contact Sensors have the 2 internal connectors like the Monoprice ones have to connect external sensors?