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Nest Cam on Woot. $185.

sounds like the basement is your problem. Move the router and Hub upstairs & do a line drop to the basement with a networking hub there for your hardwired items. this option should be cheaper too.

Not sure $185+$5 shipping is a deal on something that sells for $195 almost everywhere.


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To extend your wireless network, I recommend you buy one another cheap Actiontec Verizon router like this one: Ebay.
This Actiontec router will talk to your Main router via the Coaxial Network (MoCa) and with a little bit of configuration (ie. disable router, and change the Wireless channel) and it will act as a simple extender, reliable and fast.

This would be your best choice…

I set these up for a friend they work great.


WiFi can drown out Zigbee channels (they operate in the same band) so the stronger your Wi-Fi, generally the worse your zigbee sensors will perform. Of course if you are using Wi-Fi sensors or even Z wave sensors, that won’t be an issue. But it’s just something to be aware of when you’re planning your network.

I agree with the others who suggested moving The router and hub up out of the basement anyway. Even if you put it in a closet. You want your network controllers located centrally in the house, both vertically and horizontally. not only are basements on the edge, they typically have cement, metal, and water pipes, all of which interfere with signal.

You can search the forums for more discussion on minimizing WiFi/zigbee interference.

The Cooper Wiring Devices RF9540-NAW Aspire Single-Pole Multi-Location Master Dimmer Light Switch is on sale on Amazon for $55.31. This is the lowest price ever if you check camelcamelcamel. The alpine white, desert sand, and white satin are all this price. I never see these on sale but its $5 cheaper than the normal going price.

Just picked up a leaksmart smart valve from Lowe’s for $30. I think it was the last one at this store, but other stores might have it at this price. YMMV


I’ve heard concerns that the Iris stuff in clamshell won’t work as a generalized device, and that we should be keeping to the Gen 2 stuff in purple boxes (like the massive number of sensors purchased recently from a store in Manhattan…)

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That’s correct. 1st gen Iris has a proprietary version of Zigbee I believe. Won’t work with ST.

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According to Lowes description these are not Iris exclusive
The leakSMART® valve, when paired with leakSMART sensors and
paired with the Lowe’s Iris® system or any other Zigbee compatible
platform, provides complete home water protection to help to prevent
devastating water damage
When paired with Iris® or another compatible smart home system,
the leakSMART® valve allows you to control your main water supply from a
smart device anywhere, 24/7

Key there is Iris or COMPATIBLE system. No reference on Lowes of what other systems ( of course)

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What’s the store zip for those water leak sensors?

How are you getting cheap/free shipping on these? I’ve tried to order these, but the shipping shows as $125, and I can’t seem to change stores after the fact or the items in the cart change price. Parcel Shipping is shown as not an option…

I wish I had gotten on the centralite loophole. Every store within 60 miles of cincinnati has them marked at 22.99. How was manhattan so cheap?? I’ve never understood why they do that.

I’ve got to assume it’s to relieve inventory at a store where they have too much. The question remains if they continue to do so, I guess. In the meantime, is there a tool that anyone is using to do a national search for prices within Lowes? Or are we doing this manually, by guessing different stores and checking the price online?

I dont know of any tools like this for prices. But I know if you use brickseek you can look at inventories.

I know that Home Depot is in the list here for inventories:


Lowes is not though. but as @jt323bd stated, brickseek will cover Lowes

This doesn’t apply to all of the devices.

If you find the GE on/off, GE dimmer, GE outdoor modules, or the GE duplex outlets in the clamshell packaging, they all work.

I know this because I’m using about 55 of them.

Check your local Lowe’s
Found this on sale for $30

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Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances on lighting sale today at 11:30AM CDT. I know it is not ST compatible, but maybe still someone will be interested.