Power Outage Light Control

I am new to SmartThings. I have approx 50 Sylvania Osram bulbs, several Kasa outlets and switches.
The issue is that after a power outage all of the bulbs come on. Last night we had several outages due to a snowstorm and I had to tell Alexa to turn all lights off. Previously Oseam Lightify had this feature that after a power outage turn all lights OFF. Since Ozram Lightify shut that service down and all of their lights are now controlled by SmartThings, I’m wondering why SmartThings doesn’t have that option? The Oram lightify and the Phillips hue and several others have the option for when the power comes back, turn all lights off. Why doesn’t SmartThings have the same option, this is ridiculous! HELP please :pray:!! Thanks

Try @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's ZigBee Light Multifunction Mc driver. Under settings you can chose how you want the bulbs to act after a power outage. It doesn’t work for all bulbs.

The link to the driver is in the 1st post.