3 way light switch micro controller wiring

I have the 3 way light switch setup shown below:

Where (at the light switch or behind the bulb) and how (which wires where) do I connect the in-wall zwave controller (ie. Aeotec micro/nano zwave in-wall controller)?

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You want to use the Z-wave controller in place of the switch or in addition to the switched? Because the later isn’t possible. You can’t use a manual control that will cut the AC power and then also use a controller that requires power. Do you see what I’m getting at? The easiest way to do this would be to replace one of the switches with a Z wave switch and then replace the other switch with an add-on switch. But if you want to use both wall switches after you are done you would need to change both of them.

The wiring will be different if your using a micro or a nano. I don’t believe they are wired the same.

I agree if this is your current wiring setup. It would be easier to use smart switches instead of a micro.

Agree with this statement but I do want to point out that this would also require wiring changes in the fixture as well. The add on switch does not have a neutral in this setup. This might not be easy especially if the fixture is hard to get to.

I want to use it in addition to the switched. My priority reason is to know the state of the light when I’m away and turn on/off for certain triggers. Do you mean it’s not possible because of my setup? Aeotec micro/nano in-wall switch has wiring instructions for 3-way setup where Aeotec knows the on/off state of the light.

image or image

This is precisely the reason why I’m hoping a in-wall controller/switch/relay would work in my setup. The 3-way light is for my stairs where the light is on the 2nd floor ceiling, powered switch is on the 2nd floor and the unpowered switch is on the 1st floor at the bottom of the staircase.

Check out the Zooz switches from @TheSmartestHouse. They have a unique smart switch that you replace at the location with line, load, and neutral and then leave your existing other 3way switch alone as is:


I’ve been procrastinating about switching over a couple of 3-way lights in my home because I dread tracing the traveler wire etc. If I find the switch that has those 3 wires (line, load, neutral) then I’m in business? :slight_smile:

I guess I’m missing something, even with the micro your going to have to access the light to wire it up.

You could go either route, I have a an Aeotec micro wired up on a 3 way setup in my upstairs Hall.

If you went with GE switches could you not follow this guide in the FAQ

There are other threads where people have gotten help wiring the Aeotec nano, I might have my old drawing where I wired my micro in a 3 way if that’s what your using.

There are other micro besides Aeotec too. Just have to hunt around.

I want to use it in addition to the switched. My priority reason is to know the state of the light when I’m away and turn on/off for certain triggers.

I mean that you you can’t use the microcontroller in addition to the two switches you already have. If you wired the microcontroller in at the light, for example, when the light was off, the micro controller would not have any power, and would not be able to turn on the light. You want to replace the two switches you have with smartswitches of some type or another. You can’t have standard switches on the same circuit as smart switches. It just doesn’t work that way. If you want a 3 way setup you can replace one with a smartswitch and then the other with a cheaper add-on switch. Or replace both switches with button controllers (ie minimotes or iris buttons) and then add the microcontroller and remove the two switches.

Not true, I am doing it in several circuits. The micro is designed to work in parallel with the switches. Just like the drawing posted above shows.

Those switches are not wired into the circuit. They are wired into the controller. LMAO They are no longer mains switches.


I’m going to reply one more time, and let this go. Somehow EVERYONE that has used a micro is wrong and they don’t work.
Yes you have to rewire the circuit, just like every smart switched circuit. And yes if I remember right you can (and for the nano, I think you must) use mains power through the switch.

It REALLY doesn’t matter to me, I was just saying it CAN be done , just might require more moving of wires, or verification.

The op can do whatever he needs, just trying to be helpful.