Potentially stupid question... can two hubs be connected via Internet?

Kinda new to this; thanks for not flaming me if this question is obvious! I own two houses on the same street. I’d like the ST deadbolt installed at House A to cause a ST light to come on at House B. Obviously I would have a hub at both houses. The two houses are out of WiFi range of each other. Is it possible to connect two hubs in this way, one triggering events on the other? Thanks in advance for your help!

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No such thing as a stupid question! (Occasionally just stupid answers - this might be one of them)

Unfortunately this is not possible to do.
I’m not sure if you could have two locations within ActionTiles (a community developed app)
I’m sure @tgauchat can confirm
If you can then at least you can get notification on a display

Could you do this using IFTTT? Or possibly in WebCore trigger a web call from the one system to the other system.


Welcome! It’s not a stupid question, but it is a frequently asked one. There are a number of threads already in the forum discussing the issue of multiple hubs. :sunglasses:

As @cobra mentioned, There is no easy or official way to have an action on Hub A trigger an event on Hub B.

There are a couple of complicated ways to do it, which may or may not meet your requirements. These are detailed in the how to article in the community – created wiki on “automating an outbuilding.”

Although that article was intended for people who want to have an event in the main house trigger an event in a shed or detached garage, the same methods would also work for two different houses, particularly the ones which involve two different hubs. So I would suggest taking a look at that article. You are right that there is a possible way through IFTTT, but it can also be done with webcore and virtual proxy switches. neither method is elegant, and both will introduce some lag, so they will work for some use cases and not for others.


Many thanks for prompt and insightful answers! JDRoberts, I’ll give that article a thorough review. Thanks again, all!


ActionTiles let’s you mix and match unlimited different Locations on the same Panel or on different Panels or both.

The Locations can even be from different SmartThings Accounts - the ultimate in flexibility!

This should be pretty easy to do if you use WebCore and make a web call from one hub to the other.