Need for a second hub

Hoping for some remedial advice please.

I have a hub in a home office at end of garden. Just about to smarten my house, buildings are 40m apart. Thinking I will need a second hub in the house. Is this possible. Will they integrate etc etc. Hoping this is simple.
Many thanks

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It’s pretty simple. They won’t integrate directly, but as long as each has a connection to the Internet, they can integrate through the smartthings cloud so, for example, you could use a sensor in the outbuilding in a routine to trigger a light coming on inside the main house. You do this by defining both hubs as belonging to the same smartthings “location.“

Each hub is controlling its own zwave network and its own Zigbee network, so devices connected to one of the hubs don’t repeat message traffic for the other, but that shouldn’t really make any difference as long as any individual end device has a path to its own hub.

The only negative is that if you do have a routine that includes some devices from one hub and some devices from the other then that routine has to run in the smartthings cloud, rather than running locally on one of the hubs. But that’s not usually a big deal. There are other types of routines which also have to run in the cloud, like anything involving notifications.

There are some other ways to do it as well, but that’s the most straightforward. :sunglasses:


Thank you for such a clear and comprehensive response. Now totally reassured.
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I can confirm what @JDRoberts is saying as i have 3 hubs at the same location on the same account. in my case i had so much trouble in the past most likely from well over 200 devices on just one hub, some probably being very ‘chatty’ on the network, that it was causing the hub to flip out and devices to stop working. so, i broke up device types per hub. motion and contacts on one hub, smoke and water sensors on another hub, switches and controllers on yet another, etc. for the last about 2 years havent had any hub overload crashes. now waiting for the dust to settle on the new platform to change anything and just might let things stay the way they are as everything is working.


Hi Awestun

Thank you for the advice, really appreciated.



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