Two hubs (house and barn) - one button (house) - can I activate something in the barn hub

So I have a hub in the house and a second hub in a barn (all under the same account); I have to do this because of the distance between the two.

I have a button (from SmartThings) that is registered in the house.

I’d like to program the button to be able to turn on lights in the barn (one press) and turn them off again with two presses. I was able to do this in WebCore in the past; is there a way to do this with the new SmartThings routines?

I’m grateful for any suggestions - Thanks

If both hubs are in the same smartthings “Location” then you can do this with the official routines in the smartthings app. The only negative is that the routines will run in the smartthings cloud rather than running locally.

If for whatever reason you need these to be in two different smartthings “locations“ then you can do it with the third-party app, Sharptools. They have a free tier which may be all you need, or if you needed the advanced features, it costs as of the time of this writing, about $30 a year. It’s very popular in the community and you can find lots of threads discussing it. They have a free trial so you can check it out for yourself. It runs in pretty much any web browser.

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Thank you for the help. Both Hubs are in the same location but I’m not sure that they’re in the same “SmartThings location”, I’m not sure how I do that?

On the house hub, I click on the three ellipses (top right on the iPhone app) - > Manage location/members → Click on the address, I see a map with a radius (250m). While the two locations are similar I would not say they’re identical, I set this for both hubs.

You seem to be implying that I can “commonize” this which will in turn allow me to achieve cross-hub control? Can you guide me a little further please - thank you so much.

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I’m afraid I can’t personally, I am dependent on a voice reader, and the smartthings app is not very voice friendly. But I’m sure someone else can.

Basically, your smartthings account allows you to set up multiple “locations“ and while it used to be that we were only allowed to have one hub per location, now we are allowed to have more than one.


In your description above what you consider you are doing on a hub you are actually doing on a Location.

When you use the mobile app you are mostly working in a single Location at a time. When you go to the top left of a page you can switch the Location you are viewing.

It is the Location that you set the geolocation of using the map and that has Members, and Rooms. Your Devices are in a Location. Your Hubs are special cases of Devices in a Location. Your Routines are in a Location.

A Location is a self-contained administrative grouping that typically represents your SmartThings installation in a single physical place, for example your home.

If you have a holiday home you might typically want to manage that completely separately so you might create a different Location for that.

In your case you have a barn. If you want to manage that like just another room in your house then you can do so. If you prefer to manage it completely independently of the house you can again have a separate Location.

It sounds like you have separate Locations for your house and barn, each with one hub each.

If you think you’d prefer to have just one Location with two hubs you can do it but you’d have to uninstall everything you’ve done in the barn and reinstall it again as part of the house. Only you can really decide what works for you.


OK, Thank you - I really appreciate your help so far. I’ll investigate the response from orangebucket and dig a little deeper. More to follow.

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Yep - This is exactly what I have. Thank you also for the excellent explanation, it makes sense.

Is there any downside to migrating everything in the barn to the house, it seems to make sense, it would be a little bit painful due to routines, drivers etc. but I’ve done it once before… Once the barn hub is disconnected and the barn location is removed; would I simply use the + button → Add device → Add hub?

In other words what’s the procedure to add the barn hub into the house location?

Thanks in advance.

Just to follow-up so there’s a conclusion to this request… In the end I just removed the barn location (don’t recall if I did it on the app or in the SmartThings api) but this then deleted the hub, all the associated routines and all the devices in the barn. In hindsight this was a mistake as I have some Z-Wave devices (GE switches) that then had to be repaired. FWIW, Z-Wave only supports working with one hub so the proper procedure should have been to use the app to first unregister the switches (Hub → three ellipses → Settings → Z-Wave utilities → Z-Wave exclusion) and then delete the location.

Once the location/hub was removed I was able to add the hub to the house location which in the end worked out perfectly but it took a few attempts given issues with trying to reconnect devices to the Hub; in part I suspect this was related to the Z-Wave issue. Once the hub was connected and Channel drivers were added and Z-Wave issues were resolved I was able to start adding back devices (switches, aqara sensors, etc.)

With the hub, channels/drivers all fixed I started re-creating the routines (I took a lot of screenshots on the phone prior to the location removal). I’d say overall it took me about four hours to get back to status quo.

I can confirm that given all the changes (one location called Home) with two hubs (barn and house) that I can now control things in the barn from the house; given this was my original goal I’d like to say thank you for the help and mission accomplished.

This has also simplified my whole configuration and allowed me to clean up everything :slight_smile: . Very cool.

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