Post Requests for Zwave Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Yes, I’m referring exactly to this device. :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty complex sensor with all its options. I’d probably want to have one in person for development and testing.


That’s true, but it would be good to have at least the possibility to use this device in its basic purpose, as a contact sensor.

For the device Z-Wave Linear Dimmer id: 014F/4457/3034, I’ve removed the device and added it again with no luck.

I am subscribed to the Edge drivers channel - Channel and Drivers Web UI and have installed all available drivers.

Is there something I’m missing such as subscribing to another drivers channel?

Hi @hbaxi

You need enter un my Channel and only install Z-Wave Switch Mc 1


Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo
It works!!.

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This first paragraph is an Editorial Comment (or I like to say Venting my Spleen), if that does not interest you feel free to skip to the second paragraph were I PLEAD for assistance. Gadgets like Smartthings are supposed to make our life easier and therefore should be SIMPLE TO IMPLEMENT.
My problem with Smartthings is not Samsung’s fault, the fault lies with the Smartthings “PARTNERS”.
I do not believe that the Smartthings “PARTNERS” are doing their part for the integration of their devices into the Smartthings IOT. To date, most drivers, GROOVY & EDGE, have been constructed by the Smartthings COMMUNITY and not the Smartthings “PARTNERS”. This has become even more apparent with the change from GROOVY to EDGE. Of 11 different Smartthings “PARTNERS” that I contacted about EDGE Drivers: 1 responded with the correct information (QUBINO ~ 1 device), 1 responded with “We do not plan on offering EDGE Drivers for your device” (SONOFF ~ 3 devices), 1 responded ‘we will look into it & let you know’ (DOME ~ 1 device) no further response and the remainder did not reply. So far I have had only 1 device that updated to EDGE Drivers without my intervention (Honeywell Thermostat). I have been able to locate EDGE Drivers for only 5 of my remaining devices and that required hours of research mostly looking at Driver ‘Fingerprints’. Zooz (1 device), Aeotek & Inovelli appear to be the ONLY GOOD Smartthings “PARTNERS” that supply EDGE drivers. Finally, most EDGE Drivers appear to be very rudimentary and do not make use of the device’s extended features. I think that I have vented enough, onward with looking for real solutions from the Smartthings COMMUNITY.

The devices that I am looking for EDGE Drivers for are:
• TYPE: Wireless Remote Switch 2-Button
• PN: WA00Z-1
• FINGERPRINT: 0x014F/0x5343/0x3132

• TYPE: Motion/Illumination/Temperature Sensor
• FINGERPRINT: 0x0258/0x0003/0x0083
• NOTES: DRIVERS FOUND FOR 0x0258/0x0003/0x008D & 0x021F/0x0003/0x0083 ~ 0x0258=NEOCOOLCAM & 0x021F=DOME

• TYPE: ZigBee Switch

• TYPE: Temperature/Humidity Sensor

I am thankful to the Smartthings COMMUNITY, without your help I would have given up long ago.


I understand your frustration. My own personal feeling is that these companies already go through certification with the independent third-party organizations, and they have to pay for that, and that’s supposed to guarantee interoperability. And it does, with most Zwave hubs.

SmartThings made the decision from the beginning that they were going to impose their own proprietary architecture over the top of the third-party standard, and that even certified devices would not work with the smartthings architecture unless somebody did that extra work. And on top of that, that extra layer often means that you get FEWER features from the device than you do with the independent third-party standard. Which means even more work for the device manufacturer’s customer support department, since they have to explain to the customer why a device which is advertised as, say, supporting 12 different scenes only supports 8 on smartthings. (Aeotec wallmote quad)

So I don’t blame the manufacturers for not wanting to spend the time and money and take the customer satisfaction hit for trying to match the smartthings’ unique requirements. That’s exactly what the third-party standards organization told them they wouldn’t have to do.

I know it’s very frustrating for individual customers (if you go back to some of my very first posts in the forum back in 2014, I was plaintively asking why a certified Z wave hub didn’t support some zwave functionality), so I definitely sympathize. But the fault for this belongs entirely on the SmartThings side. They chose to get certification as a Z wave hub, but then they put all these extra requirements on device integration. And most customers don’t realize that unique architecture even exists when they buy a ST hub that has the zwave logo on it.

I know that doesn’t help your current situation, and I second your admiration and gratitude to this amazingly creative community who continually steps forward to fill in the gaps. :tada:


Want to post request for Edge driver for the Heatit Z-TRM3 Z-wave Thermostat device.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo, is there any chance that this device could be added to your Z-Wave Switch Mc Edge driver?

deviceLabel: Aeotec Nano Dimmer
Raw Description: zw:L type:1101 mfr:0086 prod:0103 model:006F ver:2.03 zwv:4.54 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,85,59,25,26,27,32,70,81,71,2C,2B,7A ccOut:82 role:05 ff:8600 ui:8600

Current States 
* [energy]: **9.5 kWh**
* [power]: **0.0 W**
* [switch]: **off**
* [level]: **100 %**
* [healthStatus]:
* [DeviceWatch-Enroll]:
* [checkInterval]: **1920 s**
* [DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus]:
* [switch]: **off**

@Belgarion Aeotec has the nano dimmer edge driver available already. Not sure if that will help you but here is the link

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I somehow missed this in my many searches…

Thanks @Drknght4 :+1: :beers:

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You can try to use It is working for one of my Kwikset zwave- lock, but not for a more recent lock. Still trying.

Has anyone been able / would have the know how to create an edge driver for Brunt Blind engine.

I have a few and they have been (until this week) solid.
One of them has gone offline and just wont play ball.

I have previously made attempts to contact Brunt and they have totally gone quiet. Now is no exception. No social media, no support email.
If anyone has found a way to create an edge driver for them that would be cracking


I am also seeking direction on the Enerwave RSM2 Dual Relay Switch. It is published with two other
‘Child’ devices:

I am wondering if the relay will be migrated by SmartThings to an Edge Driver or I need to delete the Custom DTH, download a compatible Edge Driver and reinstall the device? Here are the Device Type settings:

Is there an acceptable Edge Driver out there somewhere? If so, what Edge Driver does the community recommend for this specific z-wave relay switch?

The two devices installed in the ‘My Devices’ Tab do not have a RAW description. They are listed with the DTH as ‘Switch Child Device’


I have a older GoControl Smart Fixture Module, model FS20Z-1.

The GoControl device is being controlled with the ‘Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch’ DTH to open my Garage Door when family arrives home. The momentary switch is triggered by the detection of presence.

I do not have a Custom DTH installed as a handler. I believe that the ‘Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch’ is a standard DTH that should automatically migrate to the appropriate Edge Driver. Would my understanding be correct?

I am wondering if there is an appropriate Edge Driver in place assuming that I wanted to convert to presently. Here is the device data a Raw Description:

Data: networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE|
Raw Description: zw:L type:1003 mfr:014F prod:5246 model:3133 ver:5.41 zwv:3.42 lib:06 cc:25,2B,2C,27,75,73,70,86,72

Thank you in advance for any advice and assistance you may be able to provide.

The beta Edge virtual momentary contact switch driver should be compatible as it just has generic fingerprint matching:

- id: "GenericSwitch/1"
  deviceLabel: Switch
    - 0x25 # binary switch
  deviceProfileName: switch-momentary
  isJoinable: false
- id: "GenericSwitch/2"
  deviceLabel: Virtual Momentary Switch
  genericType: 0x10 # GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_BINARY
  deviceProfileName: switch-momentary
  isJoinable: false
- id: "GenericDimmerSwitch/1"
  deviceLabel: Virtual Momentary Switch
    - 0x26 # switch multilevel
  deviceProfileName: switch-momentary
  isJoinable: false
- id: "GenericDimmerSwitch/2"
  deviceLabel: Virtual Momentary Switch
  deviceProfileName: switch-momentary
  isJoinable: false

As all those entries are marked as “not joinable”, they wouldn’t be used as a driver when adding a new device (only as a select-new-driver after the fact). Its unclear if this driver will be available as a “conversion” driver. My guess is no, but its up in the air.

Corey Stup, thank you for the speedy reply and for the information provided. I do have a Zooz Zen16 that has an Edge Drive available so I may substitute that device in place of GoControl relay if the beta Edge virtual momentary contact switch driver is not compatible. I appreciate your help :grinning: