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Has anyone been able to pair Aeotec HEM gen 2 to Smartthings hub?? I have just bought one and unable to pair it. Is there edge drivers for this? I have already installed gen 5 driver but still not able to pair this devive.

Does anyone have or know of a Channel with and edge driver for a Monoprice Z-Wave door/ window contact sensor model 24259

I believe both the ST stock Edge driver and the Edge driver from @philh30 will support that sensor. You can subscribe to his channel here to install the driver to your hub.

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Try Z-Wave Sensor PH


Thank you, I’ll give that driver a try :facepunch:t4:

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ive tried this and it continually falls offline. Are you seeing something different?

Hi @cguidashome , wondering if you happened to find an alternate edge driver for these monoprice tilt sensors? Mine were auto-migrated sometime in the last couple of days, and no longer work (in my case they seem stuck “open”.


Try Z-Wave Sensor PH. Link to it is 3 posts above yours.

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Gave it a try, unfortunately no joy for this tilt sensor… still stuck open.

Sorry that didn’t work. It seems to be a problem device.

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ISO Edge Driver for Z-Wave Plus Eaton RFTR9605-TAW Duplex Receptacle. I need to enable the default startup of the device to be powered on. This is I believe a parameter that needs to be set to enable the default state of powered on. The default SmartThings edge driver for Z-Wave switch does not have this option enabled. Parameter list…

I was able to set the parameter for the Power up state with the Z-Wave Device Config Mc, Thank you JDRoberts. The default driver is Z-Wave switch. Is there a Edge Driver option that would enable power meter info and switch the outlet?

This device doesn’t have power monitoring.

I have one of these and will be doing a full custom driver for it soon. Likely will add it to Phil’s consolidated Zwave Switch driver.


+1 to the Nodon Octan, I found this channel supporting other Nodon remotes but not the Octan

Were you able to get the Aeotec Doorbell 5 working?

To any Lua coders: I am willing to send a reasonable PayPal payment for converting/writing two drivers. DM me if you are interested in receiving payment for converting and/or writing lua code for these two devices:

GE/Jasco Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Plug-In Dual, Independently-controlled, Outlet Smart Switch with USB Charging, model 28177
Z-Wave Alliance product information:
More info on GitHub:

Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiSiren, model ZSE19
Multisiren manual:
ZSE19 Groovy code:

What does the stock Zwave Switch driver do/not do with this device? No control over the multiple endpoints? I’m willing to take this one on as part of Phil’s GE/Jasco driver set otherwise.

I would think @krlaframboise could tackle this as part of the official Zooz driver set. Perhaps because its not sold anymore they’re not wanting to support it?


You’re right, the stock driver does not control the endpoints individually.

Right again, Zooz will not provide a driver for the ZSE19 because the product has been discontinued. I’ve already asked for Kevin’s help but he’s currently taking a temporary hiatus from coding.

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