Post Requests for Zwave Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

I think we’re looking at sometime this week. Soon!


I’m working on an Edge port of the existing DTH. Don’t know if it will be able to have all the same features.

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Would it be possible to add the fingerprint for a Secure SIR321 Z-Wave (timer) switch to a community Edge driver?

This is what my SIR321 is reporting:
zw:L type:1000 mfr:0059 prod:0010 model:0001 ver:1.00 zwv:3.34 lib:06 cc:72,86,25,20,85,53,70
I have seed documentation of models 0x0002 and 0x0003 online; the latter being Z-Wave plus (I think)

It implements Basic and SwitchBinary capabilities.

I have started to implement my own Edge driver but the absence of a Z-Wave Thing means that I have to uninstall for each test iteration.
With an accessory thermistor (which I do not yet have) it apparently can measure temperature but I have no clue how this is handled (there is no mention of SensorMultilevel capability).

A community Z-Wave Thing driver would also be useful if you could point me at a suitable channel.

Thanks, Aidan

Hi @jaidank

There is a Z-Wave Thing Mc driver in this channel link

If you want to add the device as a plug like a switch or generic plug you just have to add these fingerprints in the file fingerprints.yml of the stock driver

- id: 0059/0010/0001
    deviceLabel: SIR321 Plug
    manufacturerId: 0x0059
    productType: 0x0010
    productId: 0x0001
    deviceProfileName: switch-binary

Normally you don’t need to uninstall the device to make changes to a driver you are modifying.

Normally it is enough to install with the CLI the new version of the packaged driver.
This new version overwrites the previous installed version and the driver is restarted from the beginning.

Once the new version is created:

  • Publish the version on your channel
  • Install the new version with the command: smartthings edge:drivers:install

The only thing that is not done by default in the driver initialization is the configuration of the device, since the doConfigure life cycle is not called.

If the changes you made to the driver affect the configuration of the device, then you might need to reinstall the device or temporarily add device:configure() to the end of the function called with init or added

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo ,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I have installed your Z-Wave Thing Mc.
Thanks for the tip on smartthings edge:drivers:install. Up to now, I have been using smartthings edge:drivers:uninstall before install.
Now, your advice on modifying the stock driver would be golden; if I knew how to do it.
I have been writing my beta drivers via cut and paste from github. If you pointed me at the source of the stock driver, I would do that (would future updates to the stock driver overwrite my changes?).
(my software development source control is way back in RCS 30 odd years ago; way before github; I do upload my drivers to github though).

This is the github link to all stock edge drivers

I edit the drivers with Visual Studio and I have not synchronized with github. I prefer control it manually

This is a link to how I installed visual studio to modify drivers code

For more details or doubts please, write me a personal message so as not to interfere further in this thread.


I am down to 4 devices need to convert to Edge. Thank you so much for everyone who has contributed to edge drivers or has provided information to help people like me.

The following are my devices still waiting to convert to Edge.

I have 3 devices - Monoprice 24259 contact sensor.

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
    zw:Ss type:0701 mfr:0208 prod:0201 model:0008 ver:1.05 zwv:4.34 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,73,98,5A sec:71,59,85,80,84,70,7A

1 device - Iris 3405-L keypad

  • endpointId: 01
  • firmwareFullVersion: 140B5310
  • firmwareImageType: 33
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4174
  • manufacturer: CentraLite
  • model: 3405-L
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE

Hopefully by 12/31/22, these devices can be automatically converted to Edge.

Looking for help with Schlage Locks

  • fw: 102.21
  • ver: 6.6
  • manufacturer: Schlage
  • MSR: 003B-6341-5044


  • fw: 88.21
  • ver: 5.8
  • manufacturer: Schlage
  • MSR: 003B-6341-5044

I see
deviceProfileName: base-lock
64 # Schlage
65 - id: “Schlage/Touchscreen/1”
66 deviceLabel: Schlage Door Lock
67 manufacturerId: 0x003B

71 - id: “Schlage/Touchscreen/2”
72 deviceLabel: Schlage Door Lock
73 manufacturerId: 0x003B
74 productType: 0x6341

in drivers/SmartThings/zwave-lock/fingerprints.yml and they are not a match


Your device fingerprints are inactives in production driver.
When smartthings active then will can migrated or You can install Z-Wave Lock Beta driver and mugrate It to beta driver

#   - id: "Schlage/Touchscreen/2"
#     deviceLabel: Schlage Door Lock
#     manufacturerId: 0x003B
#     productType: 0x6341
#     productId: 0x5044
#     deviceProfileName: base-lock

Is there a differant channel than Channel and Drivers Web UI
Where I installed

  • NameZ-Wave Lock
  • Permissions
    • zwave: Enable full access to Z-Wave actions

Beta chennel link is this.
Your link does not works for me

sorry about the bad link, yea that is the channel I am using. Will try removing the old DTHs today and will try again.

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Is there an Edge Driver for the GoControl Smart Fixture Module? This is a Model FS20Z-1 Z-Wave Relay.

I am using it a momentary contact switch to open my garage door. I have the module wired directly to one of my Chamberlain remote circuit boards to emulate a remote button push when any member arrives at our home. I did a video on this but in the video I used a Zooz ZEN 16 because the GoControl Relay is no longer available for sale. If I cannot find a working Edge driver for the GoControl I am going to use the Zooz Zen 16 relay.

Here is a screenshot of the device showing the current DTH, which is the “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch” The screenshot also displays the manufacture & model number and fingerprints:

The generic ST garage door opener lists two fingerprints for that manufacturer, but not your specific model.

  • id: “linear”
    deviceLabel: Linear Garage Door
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4744
    productId: 0x3030
    deviceProfileName: base-garage-door
  • id: “gocontrol”
    deviceLabel: GoControl Garage Door
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4744
    productId: 0x3530
    deviceProfileName: base-garage-door

The generic section of the driver doesn’t match the device type and only supports one of the command classes as well.

It’s possible it will be migrated to this driver based on the device type name, but can’t say for sure. I haven’t found any other drivers that might support it.

I have ZXT-120 IR blaster for sure is not edge driver out there

if anyone can help will be great

Is there an edge driver for this?


Perfect. Thanks!


Requesting Edge Driver for August Smart Lock 3rd Gen Z Wave, More details here: .

Need Edge Driver for Enerwave ZWN-RSM2-PLUS Z-Wave Plus Dual Module