Post Requests for Zigbee Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

You must delete de custom DTH or comment with // the line with fingerprint of your device

Hi @uncledaveghr
I don’t handle well the buttons.

It is necessary to know what buttons it has, what events each button has.
It is not enough just to add the fingerprints

I don’t know if @lmullineux could do something, I know he has controllers with ikea buttons

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That is the first thing I did, because I was testing to see if Official SmartThings Beta Edge driver was available, and there was not one, it only shows as a β€œThing”. And even now, with with Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc installed, it still show’s as β€œThing” (after removing device and re-pairing, or course).

So, I don’t know, it is a mystery for now…

If anyone else has this device, maybe they can try it.

The mystery is me!
Sorry, I had not published the new driver in the channel :man_facepalming:

Check that you have this version in your hub

β”‚ Name        β”‚ Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc              β”‚
β”‚ Version     β”‚ 2022-08-29T16:56:08.171202188        β”‚

It Works!!.. (mostly)

Motion works, Temperature works (including offset and interval)

Battery, is a broken cloud, so far… (I’ll observe to see if the battery ever reports).
The power source is 4 x AA 1.5v, 2 series 2 parallel, so 3.0v, I believe.

I could live without battery reporting, if need be. The batteries have lasted about 3 years, so far.

Try to remove battery an reinstall it after few seconds, in order to get a voltage change to emit first event

I tried it, but no change yet. So, maybe it takes some time?

I’ll watch it for a while. Will also try new batteries, when I can find some.

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Battery reporting can take a couple hours to start working.

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Thanks, Paul. I’ll quit messing with it for a while, and give it a chance.

Centralite Micro Motion Sensor 3328-G

I recently had trouble onboarding one of these sensors after it was inadvertently unpaired. While I had assumed it would be picked up as a Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor (which is what I believed the old DTH was), it refused to pair with my ST Hubv2.

Maybe it’s just a fingerprinting issue with the existing ST Edge Zigbee driver, but that’s only a guess on my part and @jkp suggested I post a request here.

Edit: Just to correct and add to the info provided, I found this fingerprint for my specific model

fingerprint inClusters: β€œ0000,0001,0003,0020,0402,0500,0B05”, outClusters: β€œ0019”, manufacturer: β€œCentraLite”, model: β€œ3328-G”, deviceJoinName: β€œCentralite Motion Sensor” //Centralite Micro Motion Sensor

This information is from the groovy DTH previously in use, which was not (as I said), the generic Zigbee Motion Sensor.


I updated my original post on the Centralite Micro Motion Sensor with additional information, including the specific model number and fingerprint.

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Hi @uncledaveghr

You’re welcome to try this one


Thanks for the update,

Thanks for this, just tried it and loaded up first time, this is one of the one button version that i have.

Thanks again.

@uncledaveghr Sorry I do not have support for that in my current custom ikea button drivers. I would find it difficult to add support because I do not own that device so would not know which events the button press emits to capture within the driver.

It looks like there is some discussion of a driver on this thread though New Ikea tradfri Shortcut Button? - #122 by BlackRose67


Thanks for getting back to me, ive got the one button one working on this now.


Hi all,

Has anyone created/found a driver for

IKEA TrΓ₯dfri Dimmer

  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE
  • application: 21
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
  • model: TRADFRI wireless dimmer

I think that IKEA TrΓ₯dfri Dimmer driver is here SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/drivers/SmartThings/zigbee-dimmer-remote at main Β· SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers Β· GitHub

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Thank you!! I’ll take a look.

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Another one i can’t seem to find in your zigbee-light-multifunction-v6

Maybe you will add this

It has the Product Number 14153806L and is identified as Tuya TS0504B, with Zigbee Vendor _TZ3210_sroezl0s