Possible to swap multiple thermostats for one ecobee3?

We have a weird 3-thermostat setup in a single large warehouse sort of space:

2x thermostats for two ceiling A/C + fan units, thermostat wires Y2, G, W, C, Y, R
1x thermostat for one modine heater, thermostat wires W, R

Is there a simple way that I can replace these three thermostats with one ecobee3 to control and automate HVAC from one place? They don’t need to be independent zones, i.e. linking both A/C units isn’t a problem, but I am just not sure how to wire the ecobee for this situation. Would I need a zone controller or is there some way to map my existing wiring into the ecobee?

I haven’t found information about this particular situation, only info on running actual separate zones.