Advice for using one of the compatible thermostats in a dual zone house?

How does ST handle more than one thermostat? We have forced hot water only here in New Hampshire. Thermostats on 2 floors. Do any smart apps understand more than one zone or do you just have to double up on everything? Trying to research the best way to make this work before I make this next investment.

Thanks in advance

@yvesracine is the thermostat grandmaster, he should know. :sunglasses: of course anyone else who knows should feel free to chime in as well.

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Hey I’m in NH too. What is your current setup exactly. My house in mi has 5 zones of in.floor heat and 1 normal furnace that serves as AC and backup heat. I put in 5 ct100 thermastats for the water zones as the existing ones I replaced were battery powered with no c wire. The other thermastat i replaced with a Honeywell wifi thermastat that also works under srmartthings

@mustbdoug, each built-in zone connected to a furnace or HVAC will need a specific thermostat.

However, my ScheduleTstatZone smartapp can control all zone thermortats as described in a use case here (use case no 2, under configuration):



Thanks for the responses. @yvesracine I will definitely investigate your smart app.
Thanks much. I’m on the fence between Ecobee and Zen currently. If anyone has info that might help my decision sway one way or the other, based on my config, i’m all ears.

Hello, you may want to look at the ST community wiki, under section 4 -Why ecobee vs. other connected thermostats?


OK, i’m off to the races with Ecobee, but the one thing that’s not working yet is when we leave, and the house goes into “away” mode, it doesn’t appear to tell the Ecobee to go into"away", which we’ve configured as a “comfort setting”. I’m not sure if I was supposed to do anything in particular to make this work.


You need to install the ecobeeChangeMode smartapp, please refer to

P.S. The smartapp will only work with MyEcobee device available at my store:!store/tc3yr