Possible to connect z-wave lock to hub remotely?

Got a new lock (Kwikset) installed on a rental property that I don’t live near. Can I connect it to my hub from my home computer? I’m on the page to add a device, but have no idea what “Device Network ID” is. Is it something I can get from someone on-site? Is it on the lock or hub? Or something to do with the IP address? Copied below is some info from the hub. Thanks in advance!

IP Address|
MAC Address|28:6D:97:7A:FA:EC
Last Booted|2022-03-13 5:46 PM UTC
ZigBee * State: Functional

  • Version: 5.4.0
  • EUI: 286D97000202CF10
  • Channel: 15
  • Node ID: 0000
  • Pan ID: 13C2
  • OTA: disabled
  • Unsecure Rejoin: false
    Z-Wave * State: Functional
  • Home ID: C0BEC914
  • Node ID: 01
  • Suc ID: 01
  • Protocol Version: 6.04
  • Region: US

The model number of the lock matters.

That said. If it’s the ZWave lock absolutely not. You must be local and enter the correct join sequence / code on the lock while the hub is in join mode to include it.

Hi Nathan–Thanks for replying. It’s Kwikset 914 “SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt with Z-Wave Technology”. Bummer.

Hopefully I can get someone else to pair it while on the phone with me and then I can log in from my home computer. They would just then delete the app off their phone. Correct?

z-wave devices that require a QR code scan like this lock are purposefully designed to require someone to be there and enter the DSK key either via QR code scan or typing it in. I supposed in theory you can put the hub in inclusion mode from the app on you phone, have someone on the other end put the lock in pairing mode and then when the app pops up the screen for you to scan the QR code you tap the manual entry option instead and have the person on the other end read the DSK key to you.

You don’t need anyone to put the lock in pairing mode - SmartStart will automatically try to join if you’ve set it up - you just need someone to bounce power on the lock by removing and reinstalling the battery.

…Which still requires someone onsite. (And why I said no)

And you WANT it that way - else bad guys can remotely attack your zwave stuff. :wink:


Good point about the safety feature to prevent others from accessing your lock programming.

Jimmy–you said in theory I could put the hub in inclusion mode from my phone–don’t they need to be near each other for the command to be received? Or are you saying a friend downloads the app, goes through the motions, then deletes the app and I can continue and program codes from my home computer?

the app connects to the the smartthings cloud and the smartthings cloud communicates to your hub. So it doesn’t matter where your at since everything goes through the smartthings cloud first. (it would be more secure if they enforced a rule that your app is on your LAN, but alas the app is 100% reliant on the cloud)

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First rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“

Unfortunately, the 914 is one of the older models, and does not support zwave “SmartStart.” Which is the QR code method that was mentioned.

The model name is “SmartCode,” but that’s just a name that KwikSet made up before “smartstart” was added to the independent third-party protocol. So not the same feature. :disappointed_relieved:


In any case…Zwave devices were designed to be used without any app at all if necessary. So the person who is physically present, whether this is a lock that supports the smartstart zwave feature or not, doesn’t need the app. As @Automated_House mentioned, you can be 1000 miles away and use the app and your app will communicate to the smartthings cloud which will communicate to the hub at the physical location.

But…as @nathancu mentioned, whether you are using a lock that supports the SmartStart feature or not, someone has to be physically present to do something with the lock as a security precaution.

The Zwave SmartStart Feature

If the lock is one of the newer models that support SmartStart, The goal was to make the process as easy as possible on site. So you use the QR code through the app to preload the lock information into the hub. (Their original idea was that companies would be able to do this back at the office without even opening the box for the lock or having to power it up.)

Then as soon as the lock is physically installed AND powered on, it will check to see if there is a nearby hub which already has its information. This process can be pretty slow, it may take 10 or 15 minutes. But it all happens automatically, so easier than the old method.

But somebody has to be present to at least put the batteries in the lock, (or take them out and put them back in if they were previously in place). So that’s the security precaution at the time the device is being added to your network.

But that person doesn’t need the account credentials or an app. And they don’t even need to be on the phone with the person who does have the app. As long as the QR code is entered through the app before the batteries are put in the lock, and there’s been time for the hub to get the information, the next time the lock powers up, it will add itself to the Network. Again, the whole idea of the smartstart feature was to simplify installation. A security company could do all the set up work back at their office, then give an installation pack to their installer or even mail it to the homeowner, and once the lock was physically installed, it would add itself.

Without SmartStart

However… The model number matters, and your model can’t do that. Which means you have to synchronize using the app with the physical manipulation of the lock. The two people don’t have to be in the same building, and the one who is physically handling the lock doesn’t have to have the app, but they would have to be talking on the phone and doing things in the right order at about the same time. So I don’t know if that helps you or not. It’s a little easier than you were imagining since the person in the building with the lock doesn’t have to have the app at all, but you do still have to have a person physically there. :thinking:

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Ugh, I’m sorry, I gave you the wrong model. That one’s on a different rental. I have the Home Connect 620 Keypad Connected Smart Lock with Z-Wave Technology. I thought I remembered having a QR code I scanned, and went back and found the receipt on Amazon.

  • Improved security with easier network enrollment using a QR code
  • Replaces SmartCode 888, 910, and 914 Z-Wave products
    So, when I had tried to sync using the QR code, it didn’t work. Then we tried “pressing the A button” on the lock" method and that didn’t work. We were able to manually enter a few codes, but never got it to connect before leaving. The hub is about 15 feet away from the door and I understand perhaps having it close may make the difference, requiring taking off the back panel and bringing it to the hub.

So how would that person enter the QR code remotely for me? Or would it be easiest to do it the previous way without “Smart Start”?

You can do it either way.

If you want to use SmartStart, if you still have the manual, it probably has the QR code in it. If not, you can have the person at the building take a picture of the QR code and send it to you and then you can scan that into the app.

So it just depends on what you think would be easier for you.

Thank you JD (and Jimmy and Nathan). Now to get someone to help on that side!

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clever! never thought about that option.


Field tech trick. We used to do that for other situations, most commonly when the field tech isn’t given the access app. :wink:


When you say it didn’t work, as in it didn’t “find” the lock while pairing it with the SmartThings mobile app or it paired as generic “Thing”?

If it didn’t find the lock try these steps:

Without the exclusion it won’t pair in some circumstances and you’re also better off using the Scan nearby option instead of the brand name option for some locks (the brand name route disables some features for some locks)