Possible Smartthings app alternative- Gideon (formerly Alfred smarthome) is registering beta testers for ST integration

I have been following this for a while and finally got an email stating that they will have a beta for Smartthings users.

If you are not familiar, and are familiar with the likes of Yonomi, it’s similar. It can run “scenarios” that you build just like the routines and smartapps in ST and Yonomi.

But it also allows for direct toggling of individual items (unlike Yonomi)

It has widgets for Android (yay!) .

It has a few more integrations (Flic, generic IP cameras and nest to name a few).

Basically, it allows zwave and ZigBee devices to be handled and directly interact with even more stuff (Bluetooth and competitors (nest, insteon, wink) that is otherwise not possible. No more waiting to see if IFTTT is going to work this time. On top of that, the app is AMAZING. It’s smooth snappy (I hate waiting for that second or two it takes the ST app to load just to toggle something). The automation works every time too.

I am so stoked for this guys. I think this could be huge in truly connecting EVERY IOT device. On top of the fact that it will allow a better app for day to day interactions with our zwave zigbee and all other devices.

Here’s the link to register for the beta: http://www.gideon.ai/beta-program

And while you wait give the app a shot with some other compatible stuff that you might have.

I promise this is not a shill post, just genuinely excited. Please excuse any ignorance on my part regarding integrations that are already possible withe a little tinkering.


I signed up for the beta and just now got an invite. What it asks you to do is create a smart app, enable OAuth, then provide them with the Client ID and Secret ID. This is probably on the up and up but that doesn’t feel like a good idea to me. Anyone have thoughts on why this is ok?

Those values allow the 3rd party service provider to prepare to install and access an instance of only that SmartApp into any Location(s) under your Account.

Your SmartThings login and password is still required to actually install the SmartApp and authorize Things for it to access. You can uninstall the SmartApp anytime to cancel access. You can also regenerate new Client ID and Client Secret in order to invalidate the old ones.

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Thanks for the info. I decided to give it a try.

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Just saw this thread. I also signed up for an iOS beta. Is there any added value? Any new functionality?

How have you all liked this app? I see that SmartThings has now merged the Gideon Smart Home code to GitHub master.

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I had a heck of a time getting it installed and working (several days of chats with support) but did get it running. I then found it couldn’t have negative conditions which severely hampered what I had planned to try it. Been struggling to come up with a use for it other than what I already do in the ST app so far. They do plan to add negative conditions