Possible fix if your SmartThings Android app freezes up a lot

Just a tip if SmartThings hangs and runs slow on your Android device and you get the dreaded “Force Close/Wait/Report” dialog a lot: try uninstalling some apps. On my phone ST wouldn’t let me open the SmartApps page or configure my flood sensor, even after rebooting the phone, but ST was working fine on my wife’s similar phone. I remembered that I had just installed some new Android apps, so I uninstalled a bunch of other apps that I hadn’t used in a while, and now ST is working fine again. I’m not sure if it’s the phone’s fault or SmartThings’ fault or if it’s a combination, but I think the same solution has worked for me in the past, even if I didn’t realize that’s what fixed the problem at the time.

@intelligen I’ll forward this to the QA squad to consider when seeing bugs. Thanks for the research!!