Android App Kills device Performance

Has anyone notice that the Android SmartThings app kills the performance of the entire device ?

I have been having major issues with my phone lag. Everything was running really slow on my HTC One M7. I had read somewhere in the community that SmartThings app was causing slowdowns so I decided to try disabling the app and WOW my phone is back to normal now.

I want the smart things app because I use it for notifications etc but it’s not worth this terrible performance degrade.

Has anyone else seen this ?
Can anything be done to resolve ?

What does Android say about battery, CPU and memory consumption for the app? Haven’t noticed any problem on my Nexus5 personally.
Is it OK after a device reboot for a while, or immediately terrible performance?

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Where is CPU and memory listed specifically for apps ? I don’t see that information in App Manager and Power section only lists top users and SmartThings not one of them.

My phone has been terrible for a while and reboots were not helping. But once I disabled Smart Things I didn’t even have to reboot. It was immediately MUCH faster. My phone is back to it’s old self. I was just about to buy a new phone but decided that ST is so buggy I should try disabling it for a while first and I am really glad I did. What a difference.

I was having major lag on waking the phone, unlocking the lock screen, I use the swipe pattern to unlock and the pattern would be way behind what I was swiping, app launcher (stock) was taking a second or two to open, tapping on icons to launch apps on home page or in launcher would take 5 seconds to open.

After disable. No delays at all.

I plan to leave it disabled for a few days and see it my phone stays good. I will report back.

@Ron I know this isn’t going to make you feel better but out of all the different ST issues, this isn’t one our family has experienced across 4 Android phones. We didn’t have that issue on Lollipop nor Marshmallow. Maybe try uninstalling and re-installing the app? Just a thought.

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I’ve noticed this, but I don’t really attribute it to the smartthings app. It seems to happen when I’ve opened a LOT of apps. If I just clear them all, everything runs faster including smartthings.

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Could be something with the install/cache. You can always force stop and clear cache in the Android app section and see if it improves performance. I have had apps with horrible caches and just borked my phone. Could be stuck trying to update something in the local cache, chewing through resources.

Looking under Settings->Battery Smartthings doesn’t break my top 10, and its running in the background. Might want to double check battery settings and make sure its not performance, cause that will suck it down.

You can go under App Info and Smartthings lists any resources its using (Battery/Ram), you can clear the cache and data here.

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My Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ sometimes complains that the ST app is using too much battery. I also notice that if you switch out of it and back again the whole phone hangs for a few seconds before the app comes up, it’s annoying having to wait for it sometimes.

Thanks for the feedback. I have cleared my cache and restarted the app. I will see how that works out. I am planning on turning to the dark side and get an iphone soon anyway :slight_smile:

I’m new to smartthings, but I have noticed slow performance on the android app (LG G4 (marshmallow) especially when refreshing the main dashboard view. I looked at a friends iphone opening his app and the update was instantaneous which I was envious of.

I have Android, WindowsPhone and the wife use iOS. I have the most current version loaded. There isn’t difference in any of the screens opening for Android, iOS. WindowsPhone is slowest but it also is the oldest version of the mobile app.

Could be less devices or a recent load that is making it seem fast. Usually takes about 3-4 seconds to load up the main dash first time, then if I click back into it maybe 1.5 seconds.

Dont really care about dash its navigating all my devices I care about and usually its pretty quick.