Possible fix for Samsung Smartthings sensors

Hi guys,

I have been running into troubles with Samsung Smartthings Water leak and Motion sensors. I could never get them online for more than12/16hours.
I have made some experiences to understand whether the distance was the issue, so I place the sensors 2 meters away from the hub. I have done the reset of both sensors, pair them again and voila, after 8 hours, they went offline again.

So, I thought the problem was the Hub (V3). My next move was changing the Presence Timeout value for 10 min and power off/on the hub. I will try to fine-tune it by decreasing it may be up to 4 min.
No need to install the sensors, they went immediately online and so far for over 24 hours.

If you are having the same kind of problems, you might want to try the above.

This sounds like an interference issue, or perhaps you need a zigbee repeater in your mesh. Presence timeout values have nothing to do with this. If you adjust your timeout value too much or too small, you probably will have issues with SHM arming/disarming too late or early. It works along side with geofence.

I would check to see what wifi channel your router is using and what zigbee channel your hub is using. Make sure there are a few channels apart from each other. Make sure your hub and router are far apart. Also, how many zigbee devices do you have?


I have only these two zigbee devices.
Well I dont think repeater it would do anything since even when the devices were 2 meters away from the hub I was still getting the issue.
The hub is about 1 meter away from one of the routers. I have 3 routers at home to extend wireless coverage.

All my routers are using channel 1(2.412MHz). Hub is using channel 24 for Zigbee.

I’d move your ST hub further away, 2 meters at least, but the farther away the better. Here’s more info:

Even though this references other ST sensors, the second item is still applicable:

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