POPP ZWave Rain Guage

I am trying to find if there is a device handler for the POPP ZWave Rain Guage?
Where would I start?

Basically you just have to search the forums. You can also use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look in the device type handler section under weather.


However, this is a pretty new device and it’s only available in Europe, I don’t think anyone has published one yet.

So the next thing is go to the official conformance statement on the Z wave alliance product site and see what commandsets it uses.

In This case it’s a multi level sensor and a meter.

The available parameters are in the user guide:

But I believe it’s going to need custom code, I don’t think there’s any similar device you could use.

Has anyone got this yet?

Has anyone succeeded in linking POPP Z-rain to Smartthings?

Received an email from Popp support regarding this device…
"We have not tested this device with a Samsung SmartThings system and we are not able to do this. Please contact the support of Samsung SmartThings or the community regarding the compatibility of the device to the system.

Best regards
R. "

did anyone else manage to hack up a ST device handler for this device? I mean it doesn’t need the manufacturer to make one, does it? (sorry i’m pretty new to ST in general and am still learning)