Popp Thermostat - How to Know if the Valve is Open?


is there a way to know if the vslve is open in popp thermostats? I dont see such opion using neither standard nor edge drivers.
Such property is available in zigbee2mqtt, so apparently the device itself exposes relevant data.

What needs to happen? The drivers need to be updated or sth else?


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Normally if your details view has the thermostatOperatingState capability, then that will tell you if the thermostat relay or valve is open or closed.

Idle, pending Heat or pending cool = valve closed
Heating or cooling = valve open

Idle, pending Heat or pending cool = relay contacts open
Heating or cooling = relay contacts closed

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Thanks for the answer.

I don’t see thermostatOperatingState. I’m guessing that the driver doesn’t expose all of the capabilities available in the device.
I think that the drivers need to be updated by its creator to expose new capabilities.
Am I correct?

The available capabilities / attributes are:

Capability Attribute
preparestream40760.heatMode setpointMode
preparestream40760.windowOpenDetection windowOpenDetection
temperatureMeasurement temperature
temperatureMeasurement temperatureRange
thermostatHeatingSetpoint heatingSetpoint
thermostatHeatingSetpoint heatingSetpointRange
thermostatMode supportedThermostatModes
thermostatMode thermostatMode

These are the capabilities of my thermostat.
The one you are missing thermostatOperatingState

Which thermostat are you using?

If you ask me, it is a virtual thermostat that uses the “Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc” driver, with a Sonoff SNZB-02 temperature sensor, €17, and a Smart switch, Samotech zigbee, €15.

It controls locally a boiler automatically all winter with a precision of 0.2°C, using 6 routines that control 3 daily temperature periods.

In summer, with another 5 routines it controls a dummy Panasonic air conditioner, with a Tuya fingerBot, instead of the Samotech switch in winter.

This is the user manual


Thanks for sharing!