Poor Mans Garage Door Opener help

It says “the tumble dryer has finished and needs emptying” too :slight_smile:

I wrote a couple of slightly more complex ‘parent/child’ apps which do all sorts of talking and texting.
FYI a parent /child app has two parts.
The 1st (parent) is really just a container for multiple copies of the 2nd (child) apps

My two main apps are:

Message Central - this does all the talking and texting
Presence Central - this reacts to the comings & goings of myself and my wife
I would also get an alert if one of the cars goes off the drive when we are both at home at night (loud voice and a text)

It’s still amusing to see the dogs jump up and go crazy when they hear “Billie has arrived home”
(Obviously Billie is my wifes name)

so what triggers the completion cycle and thus the voice ??

In the UK, our consumer appliances are all rated 240v and have to be max 13amps so any decent UK outlet which monitors & reports the wattage to ST can be used for this.
Message Central can be configured to read this wattage and when it goes below a certain level (in the case of our washing machine 3watts) and stays thay way for a number of minutes then it knows that the washing has finished… then it does the announcement.
I have configured the same for the dryer.
Some machines do this repeatedly before actually finishing so you sometimes have to play with the timing but it works quite well.
I added another section for someone a few days ago where it needed to go above a certain level before it would start monitoring as he only wanted to get one announcement.
Personally I leave it to nag me every 30 minutes until I empty it and switch it off

Thread for message central is here:

And for presence central here:

I have been looking at this in a different more foolproof method. I don’t like the idea of depending on software or WiFi or cloud to control the time delay. So I did some research and found the solution. The Smart Plug would control the relay but the relay has the timer function built in.

This relay will act as a safety if the Smart Plug sticks on.

Unless you guys are learning about Smartapps which is pretty awesome but I am using webcore to switch a Z-Wave switch on and 15 seconds later off. To have a second backup. I use smart lighting app to do the same but for 1 minutes.
Notification if on longer than 65 secs

Joel actually there are two things here,

  1. I would not personally use ST to do anything that would control external doors as I don’t think the reliability is there and therefore the security.

  2. If I was making this then yes… I would go the same route as you and use electrical/mechanical switching (again for security/reliability)

Btw… do you have a link for the relay board?
It might be useful for a different project I’m thinking about.

Ray, I agree that webcore is very good for doing almost anything, however for this simple project it was a little bit overkill and for someone new to ST, the learning curve can be a bit daunting.
That’s why I created this simple app for Rob.

Personally, I don’t use webcore, not because I can’t or don’t understand it, this was just my choice to code everything myself.
I know it’s unlikely, but if webcore ever went the same way as Rule Machine then there will be an awful lot of disappointed people.
Also if there are any changes to the ST platform, which require code changes in the apps, I can do this quickly without relying on waiting for someone else to do it.

But, for a lot of things I do recommend webcore :slight_smile:

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Got to say Andy @Cobra I’ve seen a few of your posts now and you’re doing some great work.
I’m wanting to get to the stage You’re at where you can write your own smartapp.
Do you have any tips or links to guides i could look at to try and teach myself.
I roughly know what the codes are doing in the device handlers but I’m not sure on how you know where to put each section :frowning:
When you start a Smartapp do you start with a template so your just change the code to suit or from scratch.

When I first looked at this I just couldn’t get it!
I would look at the code and it didn’t seem to mean anything.
If you look at it long enough then it finally seems to make sense.

I’m not really a programmer, but an ‘old school’ IT consultant who is used to working with command line scripts (batchfiles) where the structure is similar

The very first thing I would advise is do NOT use the simulator in the IDE for anything at all!
(I, and many others, have found it to be unreliable and not always comparible to an installed smartapp in the way things work.)

If you create an app just publish it for yourself and test on a device properly.

The second thing I would say is always have the ‘live logging’ open in the ide when installing or testing.
If you make a silly mistake then the logging usually tells you.

Very early on I also created a github acccount so everytime I damaged my code by a silly mistake I could roll back quickly.

Ok. I suppose I started by looking at the apps that were close to what I wanted to achieve and see how I could adapt them to my wants.

Copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste!

If there is a bit of someone else’s code which does close to what you want then copy it and try ‘tweaking’ it to get it to do what you want.

The official documentation is quite good for getting some answers on how things work but I wouldn’t read them all
It’s worth reading the ‘getting started’ section to start you off though
The ‘search’ is quite good too.

If you look at the ‘capabilities’ section, it’s quite usefull as it shows what commands can be used with each device.

If you look at the little smartapp in this thread and look at each section you will see that apart from ‘input’ you have ‘subscribe’ and ‘runIn’
If you search for these terms in the docs you will get some useful info on how they work.

Starting with a form template for a new app in the ide also shows where each bit goes

Link for official docs is below


Thanks for all that :slight_smile:
I’ve just been reading through the documentation actually :slight_smile: it’s quite good.
Not even heard of the simulator lol but have just read about the “create from template” etc
I’m hoping i can get a good go at it on Sunday (Leeds match tomorrow :slight_smile: )
Thanks for your help

Here is the link, and different options including a case for it. (Correct relay/itm/MACROMATIC-THR-10262-F2S-FIXED-2-SECOND-TIME-DELAY-ISOLATED-RELAY-TIMER-10A-240V/381172272792?epid=1537587126&hash=item58bfa34e98:g:nvQAAOSwe-FU7qFh)
But I realize I also need the app just for the plug to be reset, incase it sticks to on, do to hub drop off etc.

I agree and I usually encourage and give credit for people like you creating interesting Smartapps like this. I am just throwing this webcore in there just incase you guys need it running while writing you Smartapps.
I hear you about having too many things depending on one Smartapps. I was there when Rule machine went down. Cudos to you for creating Smartapps for none coder like me👍

Sorry last question lol
ive been reading up on the documentation but can’t seem to find full list of all the capabilities like…
capability.motionsensor etc and ive looked in the capabilitles reference page
I’m trying to create a section in the preferences and i want one of the inputs to link to the Smart home monitor so it can be turned on/off/away etc further down the app but like i say i can’t find any links to how that’s referenced.
do you have any ideas

Hi Steve
Capabilities have moved to the right hand side of this page:


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Joel, have you actually used this relay ? Maybe I’m misunderstanding your application, but this relay is a Time Delay on energization, meaning it won’t switch states until the preset time (2s) after power is applied, so once the power is applied,2 seconds later the relay triggers and changes state and stays in that state as long as the power is applied… It doesn’t toggle after 2 seconds if that’s what you were planning on happening.
Maybe I misunderstood your application and need,

here is a good reference that might help you get the right application:

OK I found the original but on Amazon.this is either OFF or ON as it is a DPDT relay so in one state it is ON and the other contact closed. I think this would work, but please let me know, as I want to get one to test.
DPDT 0-60second Relay

It will not work. For garage opener you need One-Shot Timer. It’s the only type that on applying power it will flip contacts for a predetermined time and then revert.
Also, make sure it’s NOT solid state as this has transistor/triac output and will not work parallel to remote button

Edit: You can make it work IF you use 2 relays, one regular and one timed, run NO contact from regular through NC contact of the timed one and both coils parallel. So when you energize them you get continuity through contact series and when timer times out you break continuity. You only need about 2 seconds. But then you also need to drop power to the coil so you can restart the cycle.
You can also get it cheaper https://www.amazon.com/Baomain-H3Y-2-Delay-Relay-Socket/dp/B01IEQBVOU/ref=pd_sim_60_8?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01IEQBVOU&pd_rd_r=6GWJYDV9EVEY42SR8D7A&pd_rd_w=aNOE7&pd_rd_wg=JjGBc&psc=1&refRID=6GWJYDV9EVEY42SR8D7A
You can also check mouser.com or digikey.com. Both are good sellers of electrical/electronics that I know for more then 20 years
This will work https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/crouzet/88827125/966-1557-ND/4071434

I thought this relay would work. As i understand if the relay is feed from the Smart Plug. When the plug is turned on it will energize the relay and the relay will time out and go off after a set number of seconds. And if the Plug goes off with the app posted a number of posts above, then it will reset the cycle.