SmartSense Virtual Garage Sensor Button

There is a new device type for using a Garage door open called Virtual Garage Sensor Button. It works just like the virtual open/close sensor, but you can actually press the the tile now and you can use the buttonpress.true in your programs. I wrote a program (shared) called Virtual Garage triggers outlet. What it’ll do is trigger an outlet on and then off after 4 seconds whenever a Virtual Garage Sensor Button is pressed.

It was meant for the Z-Wave relays BUT you could technically wire a plugable outlet to your garage door button.

Not recommended though :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I don’t have the outlet tied directly to the push-button line. I have an outlet with a cord leading to a relay and the relay ties to the push button. Yeah, it’s a bit convoluted, but cheaper for me over all. The z-wave relay was like $50 or more. I got an Intermatic outlet for around $20. $10 for the relay from Radio Shack. Plus a few bucks for bell wire. The plug I salvaged from old computer cords I had lying around.

Really worked well because I was always meaning to put in outlets by my garage door openers. The previous home owner and just run long orange extension cords thru the unfinished garage and I’ve been just too lazy to fix it until now. So I have outlet plus a z-wave outlet at each garage door for cheaper than just the relay alone.

And with my program running I can “hide” the garage outlets in a folder at the bottom of my screen and just push the garage doors now to open and close.