Pool water level monitoring

Does anyone know of, or have an interest in looking into, a SmartApp that uses a water detector to report the absence of water (water dropping below a certain level)? I would be interested linking this to a Z wave valve to automatically refill the pool when needed throughout the summer.

Ahhh… summer - and it is going to be a high of something negative (F) this weekend… Makes me optimistic. Thanks!!

There is a published “Close The Valve” SmartApp already. In the IDE create a new SmartApp, get from “template” and then scroll down the list until you see it.

Looks like it would just need the addition of what to do when the sensor was “dry” - it only has the “wet” case now. I’d think it would be a quick copy/paste - however I’ve not been having much luck on a few of these lately so can’t guarantee it.

I’d think that you’d need a sensor that published both events, too. I believe that the Aeotec Water Sensor that is supposed to do this. I also believe that I saw another brand on Amazon but the name escapes me. Device Handlers may be needed for them - that may be the more difficult part…

The Aeotec device is the only one I’ve seen that seems to report “dry” without custom coding. An easier way to accomplish the task might be to set a valve to turn on a certain time every day and shutting off when the sensor detects water.

The bigger issue I guess would be finding a valve. I’ve only seen the Fortrezz water shut off valve, which wouldn’t work in the big plastic pool piping as far as I can tell. Anyone know of another z wave valve or actuator that would work?

Use the fortrezz mimo light with this as the input https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10221 and a tofine motorized pvc ball valve. Obviously make sure you have proper check valves in place etc.

I’d suggest a stand-alone solution to this problem. You wouldn’t want a ST failure to let the pool level drop dangerously low, or fail to close the fill valve once the pool is at the right level.

There are a lot of off the shelf options out there. I don’t see the added benefit of a ST integration in this case. Certainly not enough to justify the added risk of failure.

Good thought — I generally use alerts and then smartiles to take action on stuff like this as a sanity check.

I would recommend this product. http://poolmiser.com/smartmiser/

I may or may not know who designed the electronics for this many years ago. :smile:

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I know this is kind of an old thread, but I was wondering if anyone has used the Aeotec Water Sensor with the smartthings hub with integration to Rachio sprinkler system with one of the zones that is connected to the pool to regulate the pool level?
Thanks in advance