[POLL] Do you have a ST/Aeotec Hub? (2023)

The vast majority of SmartThings app users, likely over 90%, do not have a hub. Instead, they have a Samsung smart television or appliance, or even just a Galaxy phone. And there are some people who use the smartthings app to add advanced rules logic to multiple brands of Wi-Fi and other cloud to cloud devices, like ring, Lutron, tplink kasa, Meross, etc.

However, it seems likely that a majority of people who are frequent posters in this forum do have hubs. But not everyone, as we can tell from some of the comments.

Anyway, I was just curious: do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub? You can select multiple options, but only choose the “no standalone hub or dongle” options if that is really all you have. If you have a V3 hub and a Samsung television without a dongle, don’t pick the “television—no standalone hub” option, because your account does have a hub.

Do you have a SmartThings/Aeotec Hub? (Multiple selections are ok)

  • SmartThings v2 Hub
  • SmartThings/Aeotec V3 Hub
  • Samsung Connect Home (WiFi Mesh System)
  • SmartThings WiFi Router with Plume (WiFi Mesh System)
  • Samsung Smart TV—no standalone ST hub, no dongle
  • Samsung Smart Appliance—no standalone ST hub, no dongle
  • SmartThings Station Hub
  • Samsung TV or smart appliance with SmartThings dongle
  • No ST hub, no dongle, no Samsung smart TV or appliance
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Interesting: so far the forum community is definitely different than the general population of SmartThings users! :thinking:

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21 Oct