Does SmartThings not need a hub anymore?

Seriously confused… When i goto and watch the promotions, read the Getting Started (Getting Started) it never mentions buying a hub… is the hub obsolete now?

You only need a hub if you want to use a zigbee or Zwave device. If you are only going to use Wi-Fi devices or devices with their own bridge, or a Samsung smart television, or smart appliance, you don’t need a hub. And at this point, that’s the vast majority of smartthings customers.

If you do want to use Zigbee or Z wave devices, then you would get a hub from a smartthings hardware partner, which for North America, or Europe is Aeotec.

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You only need a ST hub for Z-WAVE, ZigBee and Lan devices. WiFi devices that work with ST do not need a hub.

I believe but could be wrong that upcoming Matter devices will not need a ST hub if they are WiFi based or are Thread based and you have a Thread Boarder Router.

ST v3 & Aeotec hubs are boarder routers in addition to some Echo, Google Nest, and Apple Mini Home pod devices.

Works with ST hubs are currently manufactured by Aeotec, not SmartThings.

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Hubs have never been required.

They were required back in 2014 and 2015–adding a hub is what defined your location.

This changed in preparation for the “one app” project which was released in early 2018, when the apps for Samsung smart appliances and Samsung smart televisions (two different apps) were combined with the one for the hubs . After that you could have a “hub optional” configuration. :sunglasses:

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Interesting. I was developing applications for SmartThings several years ago. It seems SmartThings has changed some since i last looked into it.

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Major major changes since 2018, and more on the way.

A new platform architecture was announced back in 2020 and they are just now discontinuing the old architecture and transitioning all customers, a process which is expected to take several more months to complete.

Official announcements:


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