Poll command not working

(Florian Z) #1

I have a device handler with polling capability. However, it looks like the poll() command is never being called. Ideally, I expect it to be called every few minutes.

Is this a known problem?

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Scheduler and Polling quits after some minutes, hours, or days
Scheduler and Polling quits after some minutes, hours, or days
Scheduler and Polling quits after some minutes, hours, or days
(Morgan) #2

I’m very curious this as well. I’m not getting my UI to reflect my z-wave switches as frequently as I would think they should.

(Steve S) #3

@florianz - I send an email to support, but haven’t heard back. In my device handler, I do see poll() getting called if I do the “pull to refresh” from within the device screen on the phone. But like you, I don’t see it being polled as part of the normal system polling. Maybe you could email support as well - increase the odds someone responds :slight_smile:

(Florian Z) #4

@stevesell - Good idea. I will shoot them an email.

(Dave Vander Wekke) #5

I guess there is something still going on with Polling. I don’t see automatic polling happening with some of my custom device types.

If I use my refresh button which has an action of action:“polling.poll” it works fine.

Is polling currently down? and if so is there a way to trigger a poll based on opening the device in the “Things” section of the iOS app so I don’t have to click refresh?

(Tim Slagle) #6


Polling seems to be stuck for me as well. Tiggers randomnly for an hour then nothing for days, then triggers for 3 hours… then nothing for days again…

EDIT: Just fired off an email to Support.

(Tim Slagle) #7

Just got this from support:

Hey Tim,

Sorry about that, but thanks for letting me know. I'll make sure QA knows so it gets fixed asap. I'll also get in touch with one of our engineers who should reach out to you within the next couple of days.

Thanks again,



Maybe you should send in a email to support to so we can light a fire under… :slight_smile:

(Andrew Urman) #8

Hi All,

We found some strict use cases for poll that don’t cover things like this. We’re going to discuss using something to schedule specific times frames to fire a command.

The problem with poll is it was built simply to keep a device active and check if its alive, not specifically to run commands. So we will have to rethink how to implement this. Maybe we will enable cron jobs or a different schedule method to run commands periodically other than the built in poll.

(Morgan) #9


Being able to configure different poll intervals for different types of devices would be great, some to run the commands periodically, others to see if a device is active etc.

I would love to be able to set up some of my most used devices to poll very frequently, and others to poll very infrequently to get the desired behavior that I would like.

Just an idea.

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(Tim Slagle) #10


Thanks for the info!! This would be really awesome. I have some ideas for device types that would require a periodic checkin. Im not thinking anything crazy, but something like every 2-3 minutes. Obviously we don’t want to bring down servers if everyone is using a cron schedule to check something every 30 seconds… but it would be cool to have lets say the Hue bulbs check status every 2-3 minutes. That way the app updates if the hue app or IFTTT is used to trigger a change in the bulb.

Just an idea.

Thanks man! Looking forward to the future of smartthings. This is already the best home automation platform. I can only imagine what it can be with some fit and polish!!! This requet goes into the polish category :):slight_smile:

(Jonathan) #11

Polling stopped working for me on April 12th. I had my energy monitor being regularly being polled up to that point, now it has stopped. So this sounds more like a recently introduced defect as opposed to a design issue @urman?

Cheers, Jonathan

(Dave Vander Wekke) #12

I asked the question and Polling was explained on the Developer Office Hour yesterday. Link Below.

Developer Office Hour: 4/16/14

(Kristopher Kubicki) #13

Can you fix the link above - it just redirects to the community home page

(Kristopher Kubicki) #14

Bump :: I don’t know what you guys did to the forum but its very hard to get support this way

(Eric Helgeson) #15

6 months later, just trying poll(), never gets called.

(Kristopher Kubicki) #16

My understanding is that the core team does not want poll() called from devices. I don’t know why, but this is the architecture. So you have to make an App that does it instead – in the perfect ST paradigm you have a device that’s kind of “dumb” and an app that handles it

(Mike Maxwell) #17

Just install the pollster app, as built it includes 4 available scheduling groups.
I extended my copy to work with devices that only have refresh available as well as poll, IE harmony as an example.