Polling clarification

I can’t seem to find a good answer and ST support won’t answer me except to say they don’t help with custom apps. Arg!

I’ve created a device with Polling capability and created the poll() method.
How often is it supposed to be called? Or is it supposed to be called automatically at all?

I don’t need any sort of accuracy in calling it, just at least twice an hour is good enough. I was thinking of setting up my device/smartapp to get push notifications anyway instead of polling. I just wanted to get this bit of info clarified if possible.

It was supposed to be called roughly every 10 minutes, but it never worked reliably and I guess they killed this feature some time ago. That’s the reason why the Pollster was created.

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So I’m better off just ditching it and doing a push from the cloud service or setup my own schedule then?

All SmartThings scheduling APIs have always been flakey, but for the past several month they’ve become practically useless. You’ll be much better off using IFTTT for scheduled tasks.

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Wow, thank you. I was trying to avoid IFTTT because that was getting flakey for me. I guess I’ll be re-writing a good chunk of this then.


Yep. Pollster used to run for weeks, even month without a hitch. Now it has to be restarted several times a day. People come up with all kinds of crazy ideas like using random events like motion detection or temperature changes to run their schedules. :slightly_smiling:

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This is sounding like I can’t even rely on doing a runIn(1day, …?

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