__PO_CODE_CAPAB... under the device name in the app

Why do some of my devices show __PO_CODE_CAPAB… instead of On, OFF, etc under the device name in the app?


If the options documented for a specific attribute is “on”/“off”, then you must match it exactly. It is case sensitive.
You can’t inform “On” or “OFF”

I’m not sure what you mean. They are all Leviton ZWAVE dimmers using the “Mariano Shared Beta Driver”


Open my.smartthings.com, right-click onto “__PO_CODE_CAPAB…” and click Inspect.
This way, you should be able to retrieve the whole text.
It will help the developer to fix it.

This is also occurring with drivers from @philh30, another post lists also occurring on stock drivers, both android/ios. Seems dimmers only.


Hi @w35l3y

It must be something from the app with some presentation and translation.
I saw it yesterday in a different driver for a few moments, then it fixed itself.
They are stock presentations, mine don’t have translations


I experienced it today, but it was my fault. That is good to know that it happened elsewhere.

In the https://my.smartthings.com/ it shows On or Off - not __PO_CODE_CAPAB… and I don’t see that text when I inspect the HTML…

Then it seems exactly what Mariano said.

Did you reboot the HUB or did it resolve on it’s own?

The devices work OK BTW

I saw it as well. Force closed the app and that resolved it.

I closed the APP (Android) and opened it again - no change.

I have the same issue. z wave dimmers only, switch is fine. This shows in the app and web interface. Had same behavior 2 days ago, but went away. Stock drivers only, except for sony TV.

I’ve got a Leviton Plug-in relay (not dimmer) and shows the same…

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so odd! my leviton z wave plug-in switch does not.


scroll down .

surprisingly it is a stock driver and supposed to be a boolean, and yet has a potentiometer, but grayed out.

Mine shows a dimmer slider that is active but doesn’t do anything obviously

my bad , slider is available, no effect. sorry.

Same here.
I have 4 of my switches with the same error.

Not sure what @w35l3y is referring to because I can not edit the attribute on/off from any of my switches.

I thought @ronczap was a developer asking for help to his own driver.
So, ignore my answer if you are not developer.

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