Plume Wifi not available in my country

I’m knew to smartthings and I leave in Belgium. I just recently bought the Smartthings Mesh wifi from the USA, but when I try to setup guest access I’m prompted to get Plume wifi which then redirects me to the play store. It’s there that I’m unable to download the app as its said to not be available in my country. Is there a way past this?

Probably not. The USA model hub will also have the wrong z-wave frequency for Belgium

I managed to get around that issue, as for the Z-wave frequency…I can always buy devices from the US right.?

In theory, but it may violate local radio frequency laws. And hardwired devices won’t work since the voltage is different.

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The voltage all the devices I have bought so far have been compatible with Europe…

so no wall switches, relays, or outlets? Ignoring the legal issues, you won’t be able to find european spec outlets and switches that use a USA frequency.

Thus your advice would be to pack it all up and send it back, b4 I invest any further? Like I had said I’m new to home automation.

yes. I would send the USA model back and buy the UK model V3 hub. It uses the same frequency as Belgium.

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But I cant get the mesh set of 3in the UK, which is what really wanted. It’s working well for my wifi management in the house right now.

i’m surprised its working well without Plume enabled. But yeah, I would run a hub ans a separate mesh wifi system.

Ok and which alternative mesh wifi system would you recommend.

Ok and which alternative mesh wifi system would you recommend.

A not necessarily complete list of mesh WiFi for Europe that are legal would include


Sadly the Eero (now owned by Amazon) is not yet legal for Europe.


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