Plug with temp?

Hey all,
I’m looking for a plug with a temp sensor so I can control a ceramic heater. I have some temperature sensitive equipment in a trailer that I want to be able to run an extension cord to with a plug in the trailer attached to the heater so it will kick on and off based on the temp. Is this possible or am I going to have to go with a separate temp sensor from the plug?

I haven’t seen a plug with temp sensor yet. So a separate temp sensor or a thermostat are the 2 of the options you can try.
Doesn’t the heater itself have a temp setting? It’s probably more reliable if temp is something you are concerning about.

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I can’t imagine that at temp sensor embedded into a plug would be particularly accurate. You can’t really put a temp sensor into something that generates heat. If you don’t mind the existence of a battery, there are a number of devices that measure temperature. I particularly like the Iris buttons for this because of dual functionality, or one of the many door/window sensors that work with ST.

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That’s what I figured would be the case but you NEVER know. So I asked. :slight_smile: I am going to do it where it triggers off the temp on a motion in the garage then it’ll shut down with its internal thermostat then the piston will kill the power when the temp in the garage rises above 40.