I don't have the mental capacity to figure out how to tie a smart plug to a temp sensor.. please help!

Alright, I’m new to SmartThings, and somewhat new to all of this. I have some Kasa smart plugs, and some cheap SmartLife(?) temperature/humidity sensors (Amazon link).

I have these both added in SmartThings and they show up in devices.

Here’s what I want, and for some reason the basic logic here is killing me today:

Temperature is 65 or less
Smart plug is on

but also…

Temperature is 70 or more
Smart plug is off

Does that make sense???

So like the plug (which has a little fireplace plugged in) will be on from 65-70, and then turn off again until it drops to 65.
Can I do this with ONE routine, or do I need one for on, one for off? Why is this so hard for my brain???

Maybe I need to lay off the egg nog

Thank you in advance!!

You can have a range for the temperature, but you need two different triggers, one to turn it on and one to turn if off. Use two Routines.


You need 2 routines, 1 for on and 1 for off. Your 2 sample routines look fine.


Okay, thank you both!! I think I was getting extra confused because there IS a range you can select for temperature… and that seemed like what I wanted.

When would one use the range setting?

If you use @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's " Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc" driver for your temperature sensor you can create a virtual Thermostat to control your smart plug.

I’ve seen “virtual thermostat” mentioned a lot in my googling… can you give a quick rundown of what that is, and why?

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There are 2 types of Virtual Thermostats.

The true virtual thermostat requires you to use the Api Rules to transfer temperatures from your physical device to the virtual thermostat. They can be difficult to set up.

The one I mentioned is more of a child thermostat. If you use the suggested driver, you go into settings for the device and create the virtual thermostat. The temperatures are automatically transfered from your physical device to the virtual thermostat. These are super easy to set up. Then you use routines to turn on plug when heat is called for and a 2nd routine to turn off plug when heat is pending. This will keep your temperatures with in 1°.


Hi @Shaun_Z

This is the driver thread, in case you want see it
There is a pdf manual link in this post