Motion sensor used as a thermostat

I read somewhere that the motion sensor can act as a thermostat. Is this true?

I have a heater connected to a ST plug. I wanted to use the motion sensor thermostat to turn the plug on at X°C and turn off at Y°C. Can the motion sensor do this and if not, could someone give me an idea of how I go about this?

(New to ST)

You should be able to do it using the CoRE app.
Not sure what you have set up so far.
Are you using any custom apps?
If not, search CoRE and you will find lots of information on how to install it etc.

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No I’m using SM app. Haven’t really much connected. Few lights, motion sensors, plugs and cameras. But I want to us it as a heating control type thing.

Will check out that app, does that work separate to ST though?

How about going into Marketplace -> Smartapps -> SmartThings Recommends. There is an app there called It’s Too Cold.
Will this suit your needs?


Legend!!! Perfect, Thanks!

Not sure this turns it off though.
CoRE will definately work.

Just like everything else,( Including CoRE) just have to set it up twice. Once to turn is on if below A* and then a second install to turn if off if above B*.