Plug On for 15 minutes, then Off for 45 min, every hour

I have a heat-trace that is triggered to be active when the temperature is under 30 degrees F. I would like it to turn on for 15 minutes, and then off for 45 min, and repeat every hour until the temperature is higher.

You can use the approach below, but with your actual switch in place of one of the virtual switches. Two routines, both with temp < 30 as a precondition. First one says if vswitch is off, turn on the plug, turn off after 15. The second one says if plug turns off, turn on vswitch, turn off after 45 mins.


Keeping eye on this thread… I do not know what is possible in Smart Lighting (not available for me). What I really miss is routine/automation for creating periodic events, ie. activate something hourly, daily etc.

Hi @MyHomeCa

I think you could do it with 2 routines.

The first one will turn on when the temperature drops below 30°F, in my example 0°c

If temp <=30°F then:
Turn on heater and turn off after 15 minutes

the second will maintain the cycle until the temperature is above 30°F

If temp <= 30°F previous contition
If heater is off during 45 minutes Then:
Turn on heater snd turn off after 15 minutes

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You can make routine to repeat something daily

Using Rules API is possible to create all kind periodic events.

Using Rules API is possible to specify actions like this:

“actions”: [
“every”: {
“interval”: {
“value”: {
“integer”: 10
“unit”: “Minute”

unit can be Second, Minute, Hour, …

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Thanks for this.

Mariano - I created 3 routines, and I think this follows what you recommended. The “turn off when temp >30” is just a precaution in case it fails to turn off.

Does all of this make sense?

Yes of course, thanks! Using “daily” all the time in my routines. Maybe some day I dig in to Rules API to get things happen hourly.


I don’t quite understand why you want the temperature to remain below 29°F for 1 hour so that the routine actions are triggered, it seems excessive to me.
When the action is triggered the temperature may already be well below 29°F