Run Scene Every X Minutes

I have RGBW soffit lights around my house and when set to 1% and alternating colors they make super slick looking Christmas lights. What would be much cooler is to have them switch between Red/Green and Green/Red every X minutes but I can’t figure out how to do this.
Right now I have two scenes so basically need to just alternate between the two.

Thoughts/Advice would be appreciated

Most people will say WebCORE. It’s probably the most straightforward way, if you’re already using WebCORE.

If you don’t want to mess with that, here’s an approach using Smart Lighting and the scenes you’ve already created:

  1. Create two virtual switches I’ll call Red Switch and Green Switch.
  2. Create a new Smart Lighting automation that turns on Red and activates your Red scene. Set it to trigger automatically when Green Switch turns off. Create a complementary automation for Green. Set time limit for both so they stop at your chosen hour.
  3. Create a Smart Lighting automation using Power Allowance to turn off Red Switch after X minutes. Repeat for Green Switch.
  4. Create a Smart Lighting automation to turn Red Switch on at Y time.

Now at time Y, Red Switch will turn on. After X minutes, power allowance turns it off. This triggers activation of the Green scene and switch. After X minutes, power allowance turns off the Green switch, triggering the Red scene and switch.

My only concern with this approach would be that in my experience scenes seem to happen more slowly than direct actions. There might be some clunkiness / lag as you switch from red to green so you might find that another approach gives you smoother results.


Keep in mind that WebCore does not have direct access to scenes. You’d need to trigger a routine that in turn activates a scene.