How to Turn on a Device for 15 Minutes of Each Hour

Hello -

I have a SmartThings v2 Hub with many connected devices.

I can see how to set a timer / automation to turn a device on or off at a certain time each day, but I can’t get more granular than that. I want to configure a device to run for 15 minutes each hour.

Any ideas how to accomplish this?


You may want to look at webCoRE

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Yes was just about to suggest webcore. Would look something like this

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An alternative to Webcore is to use SmartLighting. Similar to the method I propose in the link below, but you would use one real switch (the device) and one virtual switch, with no scenes involved.


Man, the quick and thorough responses here are amazing!

I started with the virtual device approach, but then decided to jump in all the way with Webcore.

I’ve set up Webcore and linked it to my Github and SmartThings accounts and have created the suggested piston (of course change the device name for the specific one in question.

I’ll come back later and let y’all know how it worked!

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This caught my attention, because this was one of the first things that I did in webCoRE. My pool pump changes speeds for 15 minutes of every hour.

For grins, I moved this automation over to SharpTools recently. They do not have a native way to execute “every hour”, so I got a bit creative with 3 rules:

  1. Sets the overall on/off times (basically sunrise/sunset).
  2. If speed#2 has been off for 45 minutes, then turn on speed#2.
  3. If speed#2 has been on for 15 minutes, then turn off speed#2.

Just one of many ways to approach this.

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Working perfectly - again, many thanks all :grin: