Plug in Dimmer in the UK

Can anyone say why there are no good dimming plugs available in the UK? Zigbee, Z-Wave, or even Wifi?

There seems to be several options available in the US, but UK options seem limited to TKB’s socket - which is ugly, poorly reviewed, expensive, and rarely available.

I appreciate that if you want dimming for a single bulb lamp, then a smart bulb is probably the best option. But there is a world of multi bulb lamps, including decorative halogen bulbs, as well as GU9 bulb lamps.

Does anyone know of a good plug in dimmer in the UK?
Or any reasons why they don’t exist?


There used to be several of these, including from Philio, everspring, Merten, etc but the only really small one was the Aeotec Dimmer 6.

However, they’ve almost all been discontinued because of the problem of people plugging in motorised Devices, including vacuums and blenders, with very bad results. In the US, dimming sockets can be designed without a grounding plug hole, which will prevent most motorised devices from being plugged into them, but that’s not how UK sockets are designed so that trick doesn’t work.

You might try some of the specialty retailers and see if anyone still has the Aeotec in stock (make sure it’s the dimmer, not just the “switch“) or check with Aeotec themselves for a supplier.

But as smart homes became more popular this kind of issue became more likely, so there just aren’t many models on the market now. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you @JDRoberts

Do you think the reason that none of the major companies release one is because the market is too small? Too niche?
Or do you think it’s because of some kind of UK safety regulation?

I think they just don’t know how to offer one that will be safe for people who don’t read the directions before using a device. :thinking:

But I’m just guessing.

Whilst safety is certainly an issue as in regarding someone incorrectly plugging a normal device in, a bigger issue is the pitiful state of smart lighting products as a whole in the UK.

For what it’s worth two plug in dimmer products that are still available and can be linked to Smartthings are -

Both would also need the respective hubs. I have the Insteon working successfully with Smartthings.

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Thank you @JDRoberts @jelockwood both for your feedback.
It’s disappointing that we don’t have more devices like this in the UK. I’m not keen on adding another hub as per the devices mentioned here.

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Aeotec do still list their Z-Wave dimmer on their own website.

I could not however find anyone with any stock.
Either it is still being launched or has been phased out. You could try contacting Aeotec direct to ask. It would not require an additional hub.

The Aeotec Switch 6 is on sale for the UK but is not a dimmer. The Aeotec Switch 7 is only for Europe and is also not a dimmer.