Please share your experience and concerns with smart home devices by joining our study. Your help is really appreciated

Hi everyone, I am an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My team and I are looking for participants for an end-user study as part of my research course this semester. Learn more about our study, and please consider signing up here. Our study is approved by UNC Charlotte Institutional Review Board (IRB Study #21-0226). I really appreciate your help!


@JDRoberts, I know you love these surveys. :wink:

Does this one complies with current regulations?

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Yes, this one looked fine as far as purpose, privacy statement, and identified supervising institution. :sunglasses:

I didn’t check the app itself, but the sign-up process had all the pieces one would look for.

I personally prefer to see this kind of participant reporting done through a website rather than an app because of security and privacy concerns that come with installing new apps, But that’s just me.


I agree. Who knows what all kind of personal information said app could be sucking down about you.

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That app wants permission to access just about everything on your phone.
No thanks!!!

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this thread probably needs to be locked and hidden or deleted.

Hey, always willing to help out one of our own in the UNC school system. Go Pack!

what app? This looks like a Google Drive doc to me?

PACO app is required

If you sign up to participate in the study, there’s an app that they want you to download and then record your home automation activities in for several weeks. That’s why I mentioned that personally, I prefer to do that kind of reporting through a website rather than an app.


this throw up all kinds of red flags.

I am Madiha, a Ph.D. student at UNCC working with Yash on this project. It is unfortunate that PACO asks for all these permissions for android. Upon installation and logging into the app, the user can turn off all the permissions, and the app will still work. We understand and respect the fact that you are not comfortable using the app, and thank you for considering our study. For iOS, the app doesn’t ask for these permissions. Here is more information on the PACO app permissions if anyone is interested.


Hi everyone,
We are still looking for participant and would really appreciate your help. Please consider signing up here. You can participate in our study either by installing PACO app in your device or using the PACO app website (if you do not want to install the app). Please let me know if you have any question or concern at

what if said app were to go ROGUE and join your internet to some MALICE bot net and help do something like recently. just say no F way and walk away!